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10 Top Companies for Customer Service

Amazon was noted as the top company for customer service by Zogby Analytics and MSN Money.
Amazon was noted as the top company for customer service by Zogby Analytics and MSN Money.

One of the most effective ways to ramp up your own customer service is to use top companies as a shining example of what first-rate service is supposed to look like. Fortunately, a recent list just came out from Zogby Analytics and MSN Money, showing the best customer service companies for 2013. Take a peek at this list and see if your business is on par with the latest customer service giants.

1. Amazon – This online retail company consistently makes the top of the list through consistent, reliable shipping, liberal return policies and price guarantees on pre-ordered products.

2. Marriott International – This leader in the hotel industry made the number two spot on this year’s list through personalized service and community outreach. The chain’s customer loyalty program has also received rave reviews from returning regulars.

3. Hilton Hotels and Resorts – Another leader in the hospitality industry, Hilton gets the service job done through well-defined customer care philosophies. Careful, regular monitoring of each hotel’s performance also keeps this company at the top of the customer service rankings.

4. United Parcel Service – Consistency is the name of the game for package delivery services, and United Parcel Service shows it can – well, deliver – in this area. The company was also recognized for its willingness to work with customers to resolve issues through social media.

5. FedEx – FedEx has also developed an excellent customer service reputation through its consistent, safe delivery of packages of all shapes and sizes. That is no small feat, considering the shipping giant handles more than 10 million packages on any given day.

6. Google – Google’s philosophy of “focusing on the user and everything else will fall into place” has done well for the tech company. Because every decision by the company is made with the customer in mind, their customer service department doesn’t see as much traffic as it would if its tools were less customer-friendly.

7. State Farm – State Farm’s high ranking in this year’s survey comes from its ability to solve customer problems through easy accessibility. In addition, the insurance company has found ways to connect with customers on a personal level, supporting their branding as a “good neighbor.”

8. Samsung – This company is a shining beacon of a business that brought its customer service level from the lowest to the highest levels by learning to focus on the customer. Samsung’s move into the world of smartphones has brought the television giant into the 21st century, and its new branding as a tech company that “cares for everyone” appears to be paying off.

9. Trader Joe’s – Quirky and kitschy, Trader Joe’s also has the top customer service reputation of any grocery store chain. Employees are described as “cheerful, friendly and helpful,” which adds to the laid-back charm of this grocery retailer.

10. Lowe’s Home Improvement – Shoppers often have questions – and lots of them – when they head into a home improvement store. The company answered the call by investing a significant amount in ongoing customer service training for all service employees. The company is seeing the success of its efforts directly in a rising bottom line.

Customer service is often seen as a dying art in today’s business world, but the good news is some companies are keeping the service philosophy alive. Those that do see the benefits in higher sales and a healthier bottom line.

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