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10 Tips to Install a Wood Fence

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Almost anyone can complete a wood fence project from start to finish with good planning and some basic idea on installations. Here are 10 tips on how to finish your fencing project successfully.

Fencing homes is done for many reasons but primarily for securing your property boundaries. Due to reasonable costing, wood fence emerges as the best option for most of the homeowners. They are a popular because of many reasons such as easy installation, maintenance and variety in designs and colors. Almost anyone with some basic carpentry knowledge and tools can install wood fence. Although proper planning is a must to complete the fencing project from start to finish. Here are 10 very useful tips on how to pace up the installation process.

Permissions - Before commencing the fencing project get the required permissions from local authorities, if required. These restrictions are generally imposed by homeowners associations or local ordinance which can delay the process.

Save your time - If you’re installing 40 to 50 feet tall fence then make sure to hire someone who can dig postholes. Keep your posts ready at the time of digging as this will help save a lot of time when compared to digging ground with hands.

Measure accurately - Once you’ve installed the posts make sure they are centered and eight feet apart from each other. This will help you in nailing the board quickly.

Move from corner to center - This will ensure your field of work which has to be limited between the two extreme posts. Attach a string from one corner to the other to ensure a straight, neat and clean line of posts.

Paint carefully – While painting the wood fence make sure to choose a dry weather day. Also ensure that the pickets are dry enough to absorb the paint. Use sealer or paint that can provide protection to the wood.

Choose quality pickets - Don't compromise on pickets as solid and treated wood pickets are something that’ll cost you more but last for many years.

Keep the pickets length in mind – While installing 1/3 of the post’s length goes inside the ground. For instance, if you want six feet tall fence then your post must measure eight feet in height.

Decide fencing needs - Make sure that you are clear with what you want to fence as fencing home boundaries is quite different from fencing commercial property or farms. For more professional purpose it’s best to have professionals do the job.

Cost consideration – The process of installation for any kind of wood fence is same then be it for post, board privacy fence or rails. What differs is the cost. The cost of fencing may change significantly depending on the style, therefore keep cost considerations in mind.

A wood fence is great way of protecting, securing and decorating home boundaries. So make it an investment that benefits you in the long run.