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10 Tips on how to clean less and remove chemicals


No one really likes to clean. But we all have to do it. So here are some great tips to help you clean less and take the toxins out of the worst room in the house to clean. Try these tips and you will find you are cleaning less and using less chemicals when you do. That is a win-win for you and the Earth!

1. Use liquid body soap instead of a bar. The liquid soap will reduce the soap build up on your shower walls and the drain.

2. Shake or “punch” your shower curtain after you have gotten out of the shower. Taking the water off the curtain will remove moisture and reduce the possibility of mildew.

3. Squeegee the shower walls after every shower. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just use a squeegee to get the droplets of soap and water off. This will stop soap scum buildup on your shower walls.

4. Make sure your drains are letting the water drain as quickly as possible. A slow drain creates buildup in the sink and shower.

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5. Wipe the fog off your mirror with a fine microfiber cloth. You’ll never have to use glass cleaner or a paper towel again.

6. Use the technology of friction to remove soap scum off you shower walls. By using an “eraser” you can remove the buildup on your shower walls with just a wipe - and no chemicals.

7. Swish your toilet every day without using a cleaner. By just taking a minute to swirl your toilet brush you can increase the time in between cleanings by a week or more.

8. Keep a small hand held, battery operated vacuum in the bathroom. Vacuum up hair and dust quickly and you can skip a few more days before you have to wash it.

9. Shake your area rugs out daily. Just a quick shake will remove the hair and keep the rug looking clean.

10. Use a cheap toilet paper. The lint of “soft” toilet paper mixes with the steam to create a buildup on all the fixtures in your bathroom. Save the nice stuff for the guests in the powder room down stairs.

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