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10 Tips for simple dieting

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10 Tips for simple dieting

So your New Year's resolution is to begin dieting again. But if you're like many American's, you may find yourself feeling confused and overwhelmed before you even begin. Don't worry. This list of 10 tips for dieting will help.

1. Write down your goals.

Don't just write down your goals but post them on your mirror, your fridge, inside your cabinet doors, or any other area that seems to be a place you find yourself contemplating a decision to eat something, or skip out on exercise, or push yourself past your comfort zone. Studies show, writing down your goals can help you achieve them. Define your goals and what you really want. Is it a size? Is it a weight? Is it a piece of clothing you want to get back into? Is it to get off those blood pressure medications or get your health back on track? Only you know what your goals are. And remember this: You're not competing with anyone but yourself. Dig deep.

2. Keep a nutrition journal.

Tracking what you eat and when is key to success according to many studies. Understanding how much you're eating and when can help you make the changes necessary to achieve your dieting goals. Studies also show that eating your calories earlier in the day can help.

3. Eat within 1 hour of waking.

After fasting through the night for nearly 12 hours in most cases, its important to refuel your body to support your metabolism. Eating breakfast can help you lose weight.

4. Drink half your body weight in water.

Keep a cup of water by your bed and drink up as soon as you wake up. Studies show this helps your organs "wake up" and helps give you the kick you need to get out of bed. Drinking plenty of water also helps support all functions of the body, as well as weight loss. If you're trying to lose weight and you're not including water, its a big mistake.

5. Keep your food fresh and ingredients simple.

In other words, try to avoid processed foods as much as possible. Studies show that foods that are highly processed typically contain a higher acidic level. Your body has a pH level that needs to remain balanced. Eating foods that contain a high acidic level can actually inhibit weight loss. Processed foods likely contain many other chemicals that can be harmful to the body as well. So its best to stick with fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh proteins.

6. Include super foods in your diet.

The benefits of super foods are too numerous to list here. However, a few that you should include are avacados, fresh spinach, chia seeds, broccoli, colorful berries, salmon.

7. Plan ahead.

Planning your day's nutrition is key. If you have a plan, you're more likely to stick to it. But if lunch time comes and the entire office orders out to the local pizza joint and you find yourself too busy to run out for your own lunch, chances are you're going to go with the quick option or, just as bad, skip the meal all together. So, having a plan will help you avoid the traps that can quickly derail your efforts.

8. Schedule exercise in your day.

Everyone says they don't have time for exercise. With busy schedules, no one does. That's why you have to create the time. You'll never have time unless you make time. Studies show that exercise can lift your spirits and make you happier. Studies also show that exercise helps you make better choices when it comes to food. So this is an important part of your diet!

9. Eat for the body you want.

Have you ever heard that saying, "Eat for the body you want and not the one you have"? This is very accurate for weight loss. To understand how many calories you need, women should multiply their goal weight by 10. Men should multiply their goal weight by 11. So if you're a woman and you want to weight 150 pounds, then your calorie goal should be around 1500 calories per day. This is the simple method. Some diets will tell you that you should be eating all those calories in protein, avoiding carbs, while other diets recommend that you go balanced. The bottom line is that you should be eating less calories than you're expending. A few years ago, a guy tested this theory by making a calorie goal then eating only twinkies every few hours until he reached his calorie goal for the day. Sure enough, he lost weight. This by no stretch of the imagination means you can or should eat twinkies. But it does mean that understanding how many calories you're eating is important. Many trainers will tell you that you shouldn't track calories but listen to your body instead. This is definitely something to strive for, but for many people who have high calorie, low nutrient diets, the cravings for more and more can cause you to be confused about what is real hunger vs. cravings. So again, know how many calories you need and track them.

10. Understand that its not a diet.

That's right. Dieting is something people associate with a short term goal. By changing your thoughts about taking on a diet as a lifestyle change that's long term, you'll begin setting yourself up for long term results.

Bonus 11. Be kind to yourself.

Discipline comes from practice. People often start a diet on Monday and by Tuesday at lunch they make a bad choice and quit because they "failed" sticking to the diet. Understanding that you have to keep practicing good habits and keeping the commitment to yourself to never give up is what separates those who are successful at weight loss vs those who aren't. Understand that one bad choice is simply one bad choice. It doesn't give you permission to quit. Be relentless in your pursuit. Discipline will come if you just practice good habits long enough. You can do anything. Don't beat yourself up. Stop the negative thoughts and begin speaking life into yourself. Speak success into yourself.

If you'd like more one on one help, please feel free to email Mandy Leslie for professional support.



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