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10 Tips for sailing through life transitions

The winds of change may blow, but you can still enjoy smooth sailing!
The winds of change may blow, but you can still enjoy smooth sailing!
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One thing that we can always count on in life is that it will change! Relationships begin and end, jobs come and go, and money is gained and lost. Life is constantly in motion and though human beings are naturally adaptable, they are not always happy about it!

When your life changes in a significant way, it can be challenging to recognize yourself. Our identities become wrapped up in our activities and lifestyles. For example, when a career woman suddenly becomes a stay at home mother, she may feel she has lost a part of herself even though she has gained a new addition to her life.

Like a sailboat out at sea, the captain can try to stay the course by adjusting to the changing winds, but the captain can’t control the winds that blow. Here are some helpful hints to keep in mind when going through a life transition to help you stay centered through the process:

1. Remember, “This too, shall pass.” This period of change can make you feel lost at sea, as your familiar bearings are suddenly gone, but you will not always feel this way as time passes.

2. Transition is a process and we are perfectly designed to change, adapt and grow! Growth can only come from change. Like a baby that grows into a toddler, we must change or we cannot evolve. After the initial shock of the change, we begin to adapt by adjusting our views, responses and actions. In doing so, we grow!

3. You can become comfortable being uncomfortable so that you can weather future storms even more brilliantly! Sometimes life pushes you out of your comfort zone, but if your mother didn’t push you, you wouldn’t be here! Being uncomfortable causes us to operate at a higher level of alertness and can sharpen our faculties. We don’t have to stay uncomfortable for long periods of time, but we don’t have to fear it or make it wrong when we experience it during transition.

4. Be willing to give up who & what you are today in order to become all that you were born to be. You are not losing yourself. You are finding yourself again in a new way!

5. The Universe is rarely satisfied until we have experienced something from all angles. This means that change is giving you the opportunity to experience life from a new perspective. As we change, the world changes. During a major transition, it is important to consciously choose if you will take a positive and open-minded approach to the changes you face or play the victim. One perspective brings joy and wisdom while the other leaves you painfully stuck.

6. Be patient. It’s okay not to know what you want, how you should respond or what to do next. Take some time to listen to the Universe and listen to your own inner voice. Ask for specific guidance from your angels & guides and then sit quietly or go about your day with a quiet mind while you listen & feel with your intuition for the answers as they are given. Pray and meditate and then be open to what you get.

7. Focus on what you stand to gain from this transition rather than stewing in the loss. Where your focus goes, energy flows! Create positive expectations in your mind so that you can create positive results in your life.

8. Keep in mind that when one door closes, another always opens! After all, we can’t see the bigger picture. We only know what we currently know, but there is a whole world of possibility available to us when we let go of what we know and step into the unknown! Greater levels of joy may be available to you because of this change – if you allow it.

9. Be willing to ask for help and support from friends, family and colleagues. Now is not the time to pretend to know it all! Vulnerability can be very endearing when it is authentic. People love to help, so remember that you are allowing others to be of service when you invite them to listen while you share your thoughts and feelings. You will feel lighter and gain clarity, and they will feel fabulous that they can assist you and share their own wisdom and advice with you!

10. Practice being grateful in advance that everything is working out just as it should and for the highest good of all involved. Give thanks to your Higher Power that this transition is leading you to only good things and for the strength to make it through to the other side.

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