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10 tiny houses with big appeal

Who says bigger is better? Not the folks that live in these tiny houses! Downsizing has become a fast-growing trend and many are finding that it’s not only practical to go small, but it’s a big money saver, as well. Not only does it cost less to build small, but it is a simple way to lower cost of living expenses, too.

Tiny home designs are trendy, inexpensive, and eco-friendly.
Cute tiny cottage
Highland Builders

When you buy a big house with lots of room, what is the first thing you do? Buy more stuff to put in the extra space! That’s certainly not going to happen with these tiny houses. On average, the tiny houses shown in our slideshow feature less than 500 square feet.

Why on earth would anyone want to live in a tiny house?

They help save money – CBS news reports that the average working family spends half of their income on their mortgage payment. By living in a tiny house as your primary residence, you may be able to eliminate that debt completely! Many tiny homes can be purchased for the same price as a new car.

They’re environmentally friendly – Minimize waste, lower electric costs and reduce your family’s environmental impact by downsizing.

They’re portable – Many tiny homes are built on wheels, so they can be moved at any time. That means never having to pay for a hotel room when you travel again. It also means you can enjoy living by the beach, in the country, in the city, or anywhere you desire.

They are an eye opener – Downsizing to a 500 square foot or less home will really open your eyes in respect to what you need and what you don’t. Try fitting all your belongings in these small spaces. It won’t take time to realize you have many more possessions than you really need.

See how amazing tiny can be. Check out the featured slideshow.

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