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10 things you can do today to make your home feel like spring

Change out decorative serving trays. Some are definitely more spring-like. Chose light, bright colors and put away anything dark.
Change out decorative serving trays. Some are definitely more spring-like. Chose light, bright colors and put away anything dark.
Roomations LLC

The winter of 2014 has most of the country wondering if spring will ever come. If you, like the rest of us, are in desperate need of a spring pick-me-up, consider adding some decorative touches to your home to transition it from winter to spring. They are all easy, quick updates that can be done right now.

Katie Miller, creative director at Roomations, an online platform that matches consumers to professional interior designers, says there are lots things you can do to transition your home from winter to spring.

"In the winter, so much of a home's décor is designed around the fireplace or holiday decorating. In the spring, there many ways homeowners can freshen up their décor to reflect the season," says Miller.

"Spring is all about making your space feel bright, light and airy," she adds. "Be creative about what accessories you can refresh to invigorate your home for the new season. "

  1. For example, consider using classy, stylish plastic chairs like the Kartell Ghost Chair, created by famed designer Phillipe Starck, at your dining table or as an accent to your living room seating arrangement.
  2. Spring is a great time to swap out decorative pillows, suggests Miller.
  3. Use slipcovers to change the color of major seating elements, like armchairs, couches and loveseats. " offers a slew of fun, colorful slipcovers for inexpensive IKEA furniture," she explains, suggesting this example here.
  4. Add accessories that have a pop of color inspired by the season. "It's not unlike what you would do with fashion and the clothing you wear," explains Miller.
  5. Update the plants in your space.
  6. Use baskets as storage elements and swap out heavy rugs for a lighter, more casual rope rug like this or this. Alternatively, try a colorful pattern rug as shown in the slideshow.
  7. Add a splash of purple, she suggests. Orchid is the 2014 Color of the Year and is also a nice spring hue. "Purple is trending and is a great spring color, along with pinks and greens. If you don’t like the super bright colors, pastels are great."
  8. Miller also recommends using patterns. "A small color pop can do a lot to break up the monotony of a space," she says.
  9. Don't forget the details, either - accessories like decorative trays, artwork, flowers and fruit bowls are all ways to bring color and a springtime feel to your home.
  10. Lastly, don't forget to let the light in," says Miller. "Sheer draperies or simple, light colored roman shades can help you get the most of natural light in your home without weighing down the room with dark, heavy fabrics."

If you want more advice, visit Roomations where you can get interior design from professionals designers starting at $20 a month.

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