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10 things to make apart of your marriage in the new year

Sure we all have New Year's resolutions that we would love to stick to. But, have you noticed that the common denominator on your list of changes for the New Year is "you." You individually, and what you would like to accomplish during the course of the year. What about what your marriage? What on your list involves an effort to take your marriage and understanding for such a sacred covenant to the next level? Well, look no further this article will give you a cheat sheet on some things that can be implemented in your long list of accomplishments for the New Year. Note, its okay if you are already taking part in most of these bullet points, just step it up a notch, it won't hurt. 

Make sure when reading this list that you add ...."to or with  your partner" at the end.

  1. Give "Words of Affirmation"  
  2. Spend "Quality Time"
  3. Give "Gifts"
  4. Show "Acts of Service"
  5. Give "Physical Touch"
  6. Thank God Daily for your spouse
  7. Cherish your spouse
  8. Walk in Love
  9. Pray for your marriage
  10. Allow God to make you a better spouse

This list above is composed from a list of teachings from Gary Chapman's, The Five Love Languages and first lady, Deborah Butler of Word of Faith International.




  • Carrie B - Detroit Massage Therapy Examiner 5 years ago

    Hello! :-) I am a Detroit Examiner, too. I have a good locally-based Valentines day story that fits under marriage. If you're interested, let me know. I @reply tweeted you, too. :)

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