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10 things to do on a rainy weekend

Don't let a rainy weekend steal your family's fun. Make your own fun and enjoy the rain.
Don't let a rainy weekend steal your family's fun. Make your own fun and enjoy the rain.
Sandy Wallace

If your family is like mine, weekends are for outdoor fun. Don't let a rainy weekend spoil your fun. Gather the family together and make a plan B to take advantage of the time together.

Put on your boots, head outside and play in the rain
Sandy Wallace

Head to your favorite family-friendly museum and spend the day enjoying hands-on activities. A local children's museum or science museum is a great place to spend a rainy day. If you're near Washington, DC, head to the Smithsonian Museums and enjoy free activities at all of the museums.

Take the kids shopping for clothes or back-to-school supplies. You may have to fight the crowds, but you'll get an important task accomplished.

Stay home and enjoy a family fun day. If your day was supposed to include outdoor activities, plan a family fun day instead at home. Let each child choose a favorite activity that everyone can do together.

Dance in the rain. Kids love playing in the rain, especially stomping in puddles. Adults often forget how much fun it can be to play and dance in the rain. Put on your boots and enjoy the weather.

Plan an indoor picnic with your family. Make your favorite picnic foods, spread a blanket in the living room or den and enjoy the time together.

Watch your favorite movie. While the rain is coming down outside, get cozy, pop some popcorn and put your favorite movie on the DVD player or download your favorite from Netflix.

Read a book together. Curl up with a book and a blanket. If it's really cold outside, light a fire or gas logs. This is a fun group activity with kids of all ages.

Head to your favorite restaurant for brunch or lunch. Let the youngest child choose the restaurant or keep a list of family favorites just for rainy days.

Have a family cleaning day. Let each child choose a room or assignments from the chore chart. Celebrate your clean house with a trip out for ice cream or shaved ice treats.

Play a board game or card game with your kids. Rainy days are perfect for playing Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, Checkers or a hand of Crazy Eights or Go Fish.

Don't let a rainy weekend get you down. Enjoy the time together, no matter what the weather. Save the outdoor activities for another day. Put on your happy face, dance in the rain, be joyful that you're here to see another day.

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