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10 Teachable Lessons - FORBES List: Top 20 Women for Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter

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What an honor to have been chosen by FORBES as one of the Top 20 Women for Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter for Business, Marketing and Technology Advice. I came up with 10 Teachable Lessons; I’d like to share with you.

Social media tools are becoming mandatory for personal branding and professional success. The digital assets - blog, podcast, videos and social networking profiles - are your online identity and how people discover and connect with you.

You have the ability to leverage social media tools and networks in order to present a positive image, be recognized as an expert in your field or industry or to be recruited for a position that aligns with your talents and passions.

1. Be visible – In order to be successful you have to be seen and heard.

2. Be an Up lifter – People love my DAILY DARES on Twitter – pick something that fit your brand and your style.

3. Be consistent – when using Social Media consistency is of key importance.

4. Choose to make a difference and lead with your heart

5. Get your personality in there. The beauty of social networking is that it’s driven by relationships. You build relationships by letting people see who you really are. That means showcasing your personality.

6. Be transparent and approachable by showing a certain degree of vulnerability – we all like to connect, engage and do business with people with know, like and trust.

7. Have the right mix of tweets and posts by sharing, educating and promoting.

8. Persevere even if you don’t feel like it or don’t see immediate results … every time I felt like giving up on writing the DAILY DARES and providing my daily dose of inspiration on Twitter, The Daring Woman Fan Page, or on my personal profile, invariably on those days, I would get messages and/or comments thanking me for being such an inspiration in their life… because it was exactly the kind of hopeful/empowering message they needed to hear that day or crediting me for some successes they’d achieved as a result of daring themselves by me daring them. You just never know who you might reach with your posts and tweets and the impact you might have on someone’s life.

9. Have an impeccable presence and positioning – you never know who is watching you. I had no idea that Natalie Sisson from Forbes was watching me.

10. Realize that Social Media is a very powerful, inexpensive and profitable brand and business building tool and strategy to turn conversations and connections into clients and/or partners. Case in point, I made the Forbes list, and I was offered a 6+ figure position by being found on LinkedIn. I have also collaborated on many projects with people I connected with on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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