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10 sweet rides from the 2010 Duluth World of Wheels

The original title of this article was going to be "10 best of the Duluth World of Wheels" but it became obvious after about 15 minutes spent inside the DECC that selecting the 10 was going to be an impossible task.

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Some of the vehicles were there to compete and some were there just to be seen. Cars from the early, mid, and late 20th century were parked alongside others that rolled off the assembly line within the last year. Some were completely stock and others were highly modified and completely customized.  How do you decide on the 10 best among them? How do you decide if a Model T is better than a Corvette?

The answer is you do not. You look at each and appreciate it for what it is; a rolling piece of history; a wheeled museum of memories; a heart-pounding, tire-shredding, technological work of art; an owner's dreams, dedication, and passion embodied in steel.

Keep that in mind while you look at 10 sweet rides from the Duluth World of Wheels - presented in no particular order.