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10 Survivor: Redemption Island Reflections 02/23/11 - Matt gets blindsided

Matt got voted to go to Redemption Island and never saw it coming.
Matt got voted to go to Redemption Island and never saw it coming.
  1. Beside the having to compete against whomever ends up on Redemption Island next, I think I'd kind of enjoy being there by myself with some decent supplies and away from the drama.
  2. Phillip, who is a former federal agent in case you didn't know, seems as if he is completely and totally gone. I respect him for feeling such pride about his country, but the guy is very far from playing with a full deck and everyone knows it.
  3. Anyone else think that Russell comes across as a miniature pimp?
  4. Ralph just stumbling across the immunity idol like that was rather insane. I sincerely hope though that he is smart enough to know exactly when to use it and not waste it. So far he hasn't done anything making me want to see him voted off so for now I hope he does well. He did do impressive work in the tile breaking at the immunity challenge.
  5. Boston Rob stringing along Matt like a puppet amuses me. It just does.
  6. Sure it was good sportsmanship, but Matt pretty much sealed his own fate by going over to shake the hands of Zapatera after losing for the second time in a row.
  7. It amazes me time and time again that people playing Survivor, b*tch and complain about how others are untrustworthy or lie all the time yet they say you can rely on them. This is the 22nd season of the show and if everyone hasn't realized by now that you can't trust a soul then you deserve to be voted off.
  8. Called it earlier with Matt sealing his own fate, but the look on his face during Tribal Council was absolutely priceless. Not a single clue at all that it was coming.
  9. Yet another week where we don't know much at all about Zapatera and what's going on over in their camp. All that is out there so far is that Russell has a small alliance of three and the rest of the tribe is against him and wants him gone. This could really spell doom for them because messing with that lil guy is not so smart.
  10. Redemption Island is up for grabs next week as Matt will face off in a duel with Francesca to see who returns to the mainland. It's going to be inetresting just how all this will take place and play out. If Matt returns, Boston Rob better hope his alliance is strong.

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  • Profile picture of Belky Perez Schwartz
    Belky Perez Schwartz 4 years ago

    Looks like there will be lots of good drama!

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