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10 Surprising Reasons You're Not Having Sex

why you are not having sex
why you are not having sex

Sex is one of the pleasures of adulthood that should be enjoyed. Humans are sexual beings and as such, sex is quite important for an all rounded individual. However, it is rare to live in an ideal world where you get everything you want easy. There are obstacles that come in our way every so often and it is important to get solutions to these obstacles. Sex also may come with obstacles and you may not be having enough sex as you may desire. Working around these obstacles will help you become stronger as well as enjoy your time with your partner. Below are ten common obstacles that you may have to overcome to enjoy an amazing time.

1. There is very little time to have sex
Let’s face it, we are busy every day. We have work, kids, the gym and a myriad of other things to do in any given day, not to mention sex. It is normal to feel exhausted and not want any sex at the end of the day or even at the start of one. However, you can still reignite the spark you once had with your partner by maintaining a sexy mindset, such that everyone feels that they really want to get into bed with their partner. Some great ways of doing this include sending some steamy texts as well as dirty talk every once in a while. In so doing, you are able to set the mood for later during the day. Take time and go out on a date with your partner every once in a while. Even during your busy schedule, there is always time for a quickie.

2. There is too much distance
There are numerous relationships that suffer from a big gap in distance, especially people who have to keep moving where the job takes them. In as much as you may be far apart, you cannot afford to lack a sexual connection, not with the advances made in technology. One way to go is to enjoy classic phone sex as you steam up your partner to get to a point of mutual masturbation. How about using Skype to make the masturbation even more sensual as you visualize and share in the feelings of your partner? In as much as technology use is great, you still must plan for some time to meet so as to keep the flame burning.

3. You get comfortable
Having stayed with a partner for quite long, you might tend to get too comfortable in the relationship that you forget how to treat your partner. Do not allow this to crop up. Schedule time for each other every once in a while so that your flame does not die. Wear sexy things to appeal to your partner, let them dress in private so that you are pleasantly surprised to see the transformation.

4. Kids
Kids are said to be a blessing and they are indeed a pleasant surprise whenever they come. These kids however come with their own unique set of needs that a relationship might be strained by them. Find private time once in a while to make out when the kids are occupied so that you can keep the love alive. You can also ask some family members to watch over them as you take a weekend alone.

5. Too much work
Work is important as it sustains everyday life as it keeps us going. It is however unacceptable to lose focus of your relationship because of work. Set out rules which you follow such as no bringing work home so that you can make time to be with your partner.

6. Loss of libido
A lot of men and women alike face this challenging phase where they have a very poor sex drive. There are however numerous remedies that one can try out to boost their libido. These span from exercises, herbal remedies to hormone based interventions.

7. Too serious
Many people sometimes take life too seriously that they forget some of the little things that make them enjoy being who they are. In as much as you may desire to be serious, there must be time set out for play and sexual action is play for grownups. Releasing sexual tension helps you be more productive and enjoy life better.

8. Exhaustion
A lot of issues can cause exhaustion including manual work, mental work to an involving schedule. This may cause ¬one to miss out on the little pleasures of life. Take time to relax and enjoy the company with your partner and within no time, you will get to enjoy an amazing time.

9. You’re guilty
Do you feel wrong while having sex; do you have some things that keep holding you back from enjoying your sex sessions? Whatever the cause of guilt, just learn to forgive you and move on to enjoy life as it is. Thinking of guilt only makes you live in the past while you can enjoy an amazing time ahead.

10. It’s boring
Sex is only boring if you think it is and enjoyable if you perceive it so. Make your sex sessions erotic by working more on foreplay and trying out new positions to even using toys. In so doing, there will be something different to look forward to every time.

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