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10 superstitions about ravens

The raven is a popular animal, it might have to thank Edgar Allan Poe for that one. This bird like many animals, have superstitions about them. The world is full of superstitions, and it's always interesting to read about them.

If you're curious to see what superstitions surround the raven, then read on about these ten things:

  • It's a sign of sickness or even worse death, if a raven makes a distinctive croaking noise while flying over your house.
  • Some believe that the raven's caw is actually saying corpse, corpse.
  • If you a kill a raven you will also die!
  • If you see a raven with white feathers, that's a bad omen.
  • While I don't recommend this at all, an old folklore remedy to get rid of gout was eat raven soup. (YUCK!)
  • Seeing one raven means sadness is coming.
  • Ravens flying toward each other is an omen of war.
  • Seeing four ravens met there will be a birth in the family.
  • Seeing ravens flying away on the left, met that bad news would be coming soon.
  • The popular belief about ravens and the Tower of London is this, if the ravens leave the tower that means the royal family will perish.

So those were ten superstitions that are about ravens. If you have any that you've heard in the past, please share them!


"Superstitions "By Diagram Group

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