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10 superstitions about garlic

I personally love garlic, I love the taste, the smell, and literally will put it on anything. It's that thing where you like it or it's just too strong. It's also that food that has a little interesting folklore history about it.

You'll find it on your bread (who doesn't like garlic bread?), in a pasta, in a sauce, an ingredient in a soup, a chip flavoring (onion and garlic chips are one of my favorites flavors), but do you know that garlic has had a long history of being a food that protected people from evil? I'm sure we all heard about how garlic wards off vampires, that's always an interesting one. I share some more like that one, and others that deal with garlic and superstitions.

So let's look at more of these 10 strange superstitions:

  • Putting a wreath of garlic bulbs in your house will draw away disease.
  • If you hang garlic bulbs on the mantel, that will bring you good luck.
  • Like stated before garlic wards off vampires. Hanging it from doors, windows, and around your own neck will prevent these attacks.
  • In China and Malaysia, garlic was rubbed on the heads of children to prevent vampire attacks.
  • The Ancient Egyptians believed that garlic was a gift from their gods.
  • If you carry garlic in your pocket, it will ward off the evil eye.
  • German miners believed that carrying garlic with them while underground, protected them from evil spirits.
  • Not only does garlic protect from vampires, it also believed to protect from evil witches.
  • Garlic was put underneath the pillows of sleeping babies, to protect them while they slept.
  • According to folklore if you dream about eating garlic, you'll undercover hidden secrets.

So next time you're passing garlic at the supermarket remember all the benefits you can get from it, from fighting off vampires to bringing good luck into the home!


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