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10 superstitions about bats

That bat is a popular animal, which is mostly because of the fear of them. In reality bats are quite helpful creatures, they keep our insect population down. It's also known that they don't attack people, less than 1% of bats have rabies, they don't actually get caught in your hair, so read more on the truth about these flying mammals from Bat Conservation.

So learning the truth about these creatures are quite important, but it's still always fun to read superstitions about them, just remember to get the facts first.

Now to the superstitions:

  • Some believe that witches could fly broomsticks, because they would rub a few drops of bats blood on their bodies.
  • If a bat flies near you, it is a sign that someone is using witchcraft against you.
  • A bat that flies around a house three times is a sign that someone in house will die soon.
  • In other superstitions bats are actually lucky, seeing one during the early evening means a sign of good weather.
  • A bat resting on your head will not let go until there is a thunder.
  • Killing a bat is considered unlucky.
  • If a bat enters a house after dark, that means someone in that house will not be there the following night.
  • A bat appearing during your wedding is a sign of bad luck.
  • Seeing a bat during the daytime is a bad omen.
  • Of course the most popular one is that a vampire can turn into a bat.

So those were ten superstitions about bats from being bloodsuckers to being bad luck!


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