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10 subtle signs that your man may be cheating

10 signs that your man is cheating
10 signs that your man is cheating

There are subtle signs that you need to take notice of that could mean your man is cheating. Sometimes these signs are very apparent, but for some reason you justify them as something else. Are you comfortable in your relationship? Do you think your man is happy in your monogamous relationship? If some of these signs are present, you may want to think again.

The ten subtle signs that your man may be cheating:

1. Music: He is listening to music more than he has in the past. He has changed his taste in music. He started singing in the shower. He listens frequently to music that was popular when he was a teenager and this is new.

2. Grooming: He is very concerned about the smell and cleanliness of his clothes, more so than usual. He showers more than he normally does. A sudden interest in after shave or cologne. A change in hair style, something a younger man might have. He cares about nail care all of the sudden. He shaves more than he usually does. He grows a beard or mustache. He suddenly decides to dye his hair to get the gray out.

3. Car: The passenger seat is in a different position than usual. He changes his favorite radio station and starts to listen to something new. When you first get into his car and start it up, the radio is louder than he usually has it. He has different Cd's in his car. Look at the head rest area of the passenger seat. Is there hair there which is not yours? Does the passenger seat smell like perfume? The rear view mirror has been turned toward the passenger seat for viewing by a passenger. He decides it is time to buy a new car, one that is sporty and one that a younger man might drive.

4. Clothes: Buying new clothes that are more likely for younger men than his age group. He starts wearing clothes differently, such as tucking in shirts when he never did before. He might be reverting back to clothes similar to those he wore in his teenage years. After returning home do you smell a fragrance on his clothes?

5. Cell Phone: A phone number that is not familiar to you and that shows up frequently, or you see a private name phone call show up frequently. The complete opposite is also telling, if there are no phone records at all. This might happen because they have all been deleted, which is also a sign of a possible cheating problem. If his phone rings in your presence and he shuts his phone off, giving you an excuse that it is someone who he can call back to later, take notice. Another sign is if he keeps his phone off in your company, when he never did this before.

6. Food: If he starts to eat healthy without any prompting from you, which is really out of his nature, this could be a tell-tale sign.

7. Interests: He takes up a new hobby, especially a hobby that he would have no interest in before. Has he all of a sudden taken up bowling or going out to play pool, which is a brand new interest to him?

8. Outings: He starts to run to the store often for beer, chips, etc and he is away just long enough to make a phone call. He goes out the same night or nights every week. When he is late coming home from work, it is usually on the same night during the week. If he starts to go out with new friends that you have never met, and he keeps promising you will soon, take notice.

7. Talk: He starts using new words and phrases. His speech pattern changes occasionally.

8. Exercise: He starts an exercise regime, or joins a gym.

9. Happiness: He is all of the sudden extremely happy around the house, more so than usual. Maybe he even takes up whistling, that's how happy he's become. Any arguing with him is kept to a minimum, he wants to keep you happy so you don't start complaining about the time he spends away from home. He brings you home flowers. He compliments you and is affectionate.

10. In the bedroom- He wants to know if he is good after having sex. He is very interested on how you enjoyed it and keeps fishing for compliments. He might try new moves and ask how you enjoyed them. (He is using this as a practice run for his performance with his new love interest.) This is what usually fools most woman. Their sex life appears to be getting better, he is more attentive to your needs, so most woman think their relationship is in great shape.

These are subtle signs that your man might be cheating. If your mate shows just one or two of these signs, that's not necessarily a red flag. If he starts doing three, four or five of these new behaviors, then it is time to worry!

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