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10 steps to leading yourself and others to success

People follow you because they have to or because you punish them if they don't. However, your employees may follow you for several reasons that may be more positive:

  • because of your position or the incentives you provide
  • because of the relationships and rapport you develop with others
  • because of the results you've produced for the organization
  • because of the way you've developed people and done things to make them better
  • because they respect you and what you represent

Leadership is truly evident in the personality and behaviors of someone who takes charge. These ten steps can be a model for yourself and for others in your organization.

  1. Make health and fitness your top priority. Be sure to include daily exercise activities, proper eating habits, and proper sleep routines.
  2. Craft a life plan that includes personal, professional, and financial goals along with retirement and social service plans.
  3. Invest in relationships with family, friends, neighbors, and the communities you belong to.
  4. Be a leader with a clear philosophy. Have consistent reviews of your sets of values and core competencies. Seek out ways to innovate and create and synergize. Be able to use soft skills and presentation/communication skills to communicate your personal story in a way that inspires and enervates others.
  5. Have a strategic plan/working knowledge of your vision (an easily imagined objective for the future) and a mission (an immediate goal that must be met each day). Se yearly targets.
  6. Possess a career plan and a passion for the business. Positively reflect on adversity and comfortably discuss skill sets.
  7. Network through LinkedIn, alumni associations, and professional groups. Have a set criteria for building and expanding your contacts and connections.
  8. Be a life long learner.
  9. Engage in hobbies, social activities, and spontaneity.
  10. Pause and reflect on a a regular basis. Express gratitude. Plan daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.
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