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10 soccer mom must haves for fall in Ohio

Want to be prepared on the soccer field this fall?  Check out these soccer mom must-haves.
Want to be prepared on the soccer field this fall? Check out these soccer mom must-haves.

Fall soccer season is gearing up in many Central Ohio communities. Whether involved in community recreation leagues or travelling with teams; moms must prepare for practices and game day. Central Ohio weather has a history for unpredictability, and the area experienced unusual weather for months. What are ten soccer mom must-haves that every well prepared soccer mom (or dad) should pack for fall games and practices in Ohio?

Rain Gear and Hoodies. Autumn in Ohio has an odd tendency to be just as wet and rainy as the Spring season. Pack an umbrella, rain poncho or, at the least, a baseball cap for those unexpected, pop-up showers which the weatherman’s forecast missed. It turns chilly as often as it rains in the Fall in Ohio; so packing a few hoodies or lightweight jackets is appreciated.

First Aid Kit. Yes, coaches should have a fully stocked first aid kit and someone designated as the first aid provider. Sometimes those kits take a beating during a game and stock runs low. Pack a mini first aid kit with athletic tape, band-aids, antibiotic ointment, and small scissors. Cuts, scrapes—and even blisters happen during weekend tournaments, and your first aid stash may save the day for an injured player.

Sunscreen. Ohio weather sometimes turns sweltering hot during those sometimes rainy, cool, Fall months. Pack along some sunscreen and expect to share it—especially if the weatherman’s forecast forgot to mention the possibility of sun.
Towels. Beach towels or even standard towels are great for wiping up wet bleachers—or playground equipment during early morning games. They are also wonderful on the sidelines when players need to free cleats from newly mown grass or something funky picked up on the field.

Waterproof Picnic Blanket. Soccer players sit on the ground. Wet. Muddy. Ground. Pack a picnic blanket with a waterproof backing for the players on a wet day and expect hero status.

Plastic Garbage Bags. Soccer players get dirty. Soccer players get wet. Pack along a few large plastic garbage bags. These are great to cover seats, store wet, muddy soccer gear, or to line the cargo area of the car for gear storage.
Extra Gear. Have you ever arrived at a game or tournament without socks or shinguards? It is easy to forget the most obvious necessities in a last-minute rush. Stow away an extra set in your bag—or the player’s bag. The player that you save may be your own. It is also never a bad idea to pack along an extra pair of shoes—or at least a pair of laces—just in case.

Cash and Change. While most soccer venues, even small recreational leagues, host some snack bar or concession—most accept only cash. Pack small bills and change. Bringing small bills helps the stand prevent running out of change and lets you use vending machines if those are the only available options.

Camera. Record as many of the soccer memories as you can. The kids grow up before you know it, and you never know when you may be in the perfect position for a great action shot.

Activities for siblings. Tagging along is never easy for little ones. While Mom and Dad love watching the game; younger siblings sometimes need distractions. Whether it’s a card game, tea set or a soccer ball; packing something for the little ones is a necessity. Expect to share the toys and games with other little ones; so avoid packing favorites.

There are certainly other items to pack, such as snacks and extra water bottles; but, these are ten of the often overlooked, often needed items for moms and dads on the soccer fields.

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