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10 signs it's time to hit the gym

Hit the gym to shed those holiday pounds
Hit the gym to shed those holiday pounds
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We've all been there. We've taken too long of a hiatus from the gym. But, after Thanksgiving hit you harder than a giant turkey and you've eaten more Christmas cookies than Santa, you're starting to wonder if it's time to dig out those old tennies and get moving. Here are 10 signs it's time to dive back into your old workout routine:

  • You've been wearing your workout pants as PJs when you run out of clean laundry.
  • The thought of swimsuit season sends shivers down your spine.
  • Your yoga mat is accumulating dust.
  • A broken elevator at the office leaves you sweaty and winded, climbing those three flights of stairs.
  • The workout playlist on your iPod features last year's hits.
  • You don't even know the group fitness schedule that you used to recite by heart.
  • The gym sent you one of those embarrassing "We've missed you..." emails.
  • You've wasted more than $50 on a gym membership you're not using.
  • Friends have stopped inviting you on runs or to Pilates class since they already know your answer.
  • That favorite pair of skinny jeans hardly buttons anymore.

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