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10 Simple ways to Go Green as a Parent

Celebrate Earth
Celebrate Earth
Celebrate Earth

There is so much talk recently about going green that I started finding new ways as a parent that I could help cut down on our waste as a family and really go green.

  1. Consider using cloth diapers. It takes one regular diaper nearly twenty years to break down in a dump. Imagine how long it will take for all the diapers you use in the duration of your child's first years of life?
  2. Laundry! We as parents do TONS of it! But there are easier ways to cut down on the amount of energy you use. Switch to washing your clothes in cold water, and try using a clothes line on the days you can. It will cut down on your energy consumption more than you think!
  3. Plant a garden. Even if it is just a small garden, or a few potted plants!  It is a fun project for your children, it is rewarding to the environment, and you can produce your own food!
  4. Use reusable water bottled and a water cooler instead of purchasing cases of water bottles, or a new bottle every time you are out.   Same goes for your Starbucks or morning Coffee. Bring a reusable cup with you. They won't turn you away!
  5. Collect rain water for watering plants around the house. It will cut down on the amount of water you use around the house, and it is super easy, especially with our weather here in Connecticut!
  6. Shop locally!  Use local farmers markets, and buy locally grown food. There are a ton of local farmers markets around Connecticut, as well as farms, locally grown produce, and even locally bred meat!
  7. Start a compost pile in your backyard!  It helps to cut down on the amount of waste your family puts into landfills, and it can be done for as little as $15!
  8. Switch your bill's to electronic, and online. It helps to cut down on the amount of paper we use, especially in our generation today and the amount we depend on e-mail!
  9. When your children are coloring, encourage them to use both sides of the paper!
  10. Donate and shop at local thrift stores. The deals and treasures you can find are awesome, and it is like recycling!   There are some awesome thrift stores all over Connecticut!

All of these steps are so easy that they can be done by nearly everyone for a low cost, or no cost at all! Simple changes like this will help to preserve the planet for our children, and encourage them to make environmentally conscious choices in their own lives and as they grow older!


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