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10 Signs you are dating a Valentine's Day douchebag

He's put ZERO effort into your Valentine's gift.
Kristianne Bontempo

Every year you hear how wonderful our boyfriends are on Valentine's Day with their thoughtful and endearing gestures, but do you ever hear about those boyfriends who are maybe not so great, some even downright crappy? If you're ever wondering if you got the short end of the stick this Valentine's Day by your loving boyfriend, look for these troubling signs to confirm that you are indeed dating a douchebag.

  1. This is the one day of the year your guy's nice to you. Unless of course he's also nice to you on your birthday then that changes everything.
  2. He forgot it was Valentine's Day. You can give him a pass if he's had a stressful week studying for mid-terms, however, if he forgot because he spends every waking moment playing video games--game over!
  3. He didn't acknowledge the holiday even though he very well knew what day it was. See how he likes it when you don't acknowledge him as your boyfriend.
  4. He puts absolutely ZERO effort into your Valentine's Day gift. While your friend's are showing off their cutesy stuffed teddys and candy hearts, you're smoothing out the heart-felt Valentine he made out of loose leaf.
  5. He's ungrateful for the gift you spent long and hard thinking about. If he doesn't care for that, wait until he gets this surprise gift--spending Valentine's Day ALONE.
  6. He never followed through with Valentine's Day plans. He promised you roses, chocolates and fancy dining. You got a $5 gasoline card and an evening spent in a drive-thru.
  7. He blows off your Valentine's date to hang out with friends. Never mind that, just go out with your friends so you can decide how to 'nicely' send him on his way.
  8. He knew you were getting him a gift but failed to get you one in return. This is only excusable if on his way home he fell into a ravine and had to stumble through the woods for the last 24 hours, and that is the reason why he couldn't make it to the store.
  9. You find out he has more than one Valentine. It's quite romantic to find pink roses in your locker...addressed to your classmate Jessica.
  10. He makes this a very memorable Valentine's Day by breaking up with you. Worst things could happen, you could be dating a douchebag.
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