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10 signs you're a real runner


Serious runners getting dirty.  Photo: John Chroston 

1. You run even if you don’t feel like it—but you usually feel like it.

2. You spend twice as much on a pair of running shoes as you do on a pair of dress shoes.

3. You go running on vacation.

4. You can’t do laundry fast enough to keep yourself in clean running socks.

5. You run in bad weather.

6. You have bookmarked on your web browser.

7. You don’t giggle when you hear the word “Fartlek.”

8. When you’re driving to work and you see someone out for a run, you get a little jealous.

9. You’ve purchased at least one, if not all, of the following: a technical shirt, a pedometer, a GPS watch, Road ID, a water belt, or Body Glide.

10. It royally ticks you off when someone refers to you as a “jogger.”

....and the #1 sign you’re a jogger:

You only run jog to lose weight.



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