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10 Signs of Good Health

Good Health Glows
Good Health Glows
Photo: Wikimedia/Eric McGregor

There are ten signs of general good health that do not require a diagnostic test. Those individuals who are keenly aware and in tune with their bodies will usually notice even the most subtle bodily changes. Although not all-inclusive, these signs are typically present in persons adhering to a healthy lifestyle of beneficial foods and plenty of exercise.

  1. There is no fatigue
  2. Good appetite for both food and sex
  3. Deep and restful sleep
  4. Regular bowel movements (first one occurs within one hour of rising)
  5. Strong nails free of ridges and white spots
  6. No hair loss and hair is strong and shiny
  7. Clear eyes
  8. No joint discomfort
  9. Strong immunity to colds, flu and allergies
  10. No brain “fog”

Quite often, the human body will send out subtle signals that something is not quite right. Perhaps, a vitamin deficiency is causing fatigue or nightshade vegetables are causing aching joints. These signals could mean something minor or indicate a more serious condition. Keep a journal and make notes of changes and observations. Good notes can be an invaluable tool to assist a medical practitioner in correctly diagnosing and treating a developing health problem.  There are several alternative medicine practitioners in the Greenville area including Dr. Ronald J. Grisanti  and To the Point Acupuncture.  Similar medical resources can be found in close proximity to Greenville. 



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