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10 September Games You (Probably) Missed Because of Halo: Reach

Logo for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
Logo for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
Square Enix

Top 10 September Games You (Probably) Missed Because of Halo: Reach

September saw the release of a slew of high quality titles, but arguably the launch of Halo: Reach (which made Microsoft a cool $200 million in its first-day of sales alone) eclipsed practically every other video game that had the misfortune of going on sale around the same time.

Some big name titles, like NHL 11, FIFA 11, Dead Rising 2 and the PlayStation Move, managed to steal some of the spotlight, but for the most part, gamers were focused on one game and one game only –Halo: Reach.

It's a shame. As awesome as Halo: Reach is, a lot of good games came out this month that any real gamer should not miss out on. So, before you rush off into next month to play Fallout: New Vegas and the such, be sure to take a look over this list and make sure you didn't miss out on games you'll later regret not playing.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
Platform: PSP
Release Date: 09.07.2010

The Kingdom Hearts franchise has had its share of ups and downs over the years, but Birth by Sleep is really the first time since the original Kingdom Hearts on the PlayStation 2 that the series truly reemerges as being a potential RPG powerhouse. In short, it avoids all the flaws that its predecessors, namely the disappointingly mediocre Kingdom Hearts II, suffered from while still maintaining everything that fans have come to love.

The game's story is a gripping narrative that does an incredible job of delivering Final Fantasy and Disney fan service while still engaging gamers with its creativity and originality. New and old characters appear throughout the adventure, and since Birth by Sleep is a prologue to the first Kingdom Hearts, it radically alters the audience's perception of the entire Kingdom Hearts canon. Strong writing and terrific voice acting are more of Birth by Sleep's greatest assets, and its lengthy story mode, numerous multiplayer options and action-packed gameplay give gamers yet another reason to envy PSP owners.

Granted, Birth by Sleep has a few flaws that have always been endemic to the franchise, like platforming and camera issues. Regardless, it still proves that Square Enix hasn't lost their penchant for making quality RPG's. Now if only they would hurry up and make Kingdom Hearts III instead of all these damn spin offs...

Grade: A-

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Release Date: 09.07.2010

In the wake of a number of lackluster Spider-Man titles, no ones' expectations for Shattered Dimensions were particularly high, especially not with the unproven Beenox (previously best known for their work on Bee Movie Game) at the helm.

However, Shattered Dimensions actually proves to be fairly enjoyable. It takes advantage of its extensive, comic book roots to craft a video game that fans of the Spider-Man comics will enjoy. Additionally, the high-caliber voice acting (headlined by Neil Patrick Harris) gives Shattered Dimensions the sort of geek-cred that Marvel enthusiasts will appreciate.

The gameplay can get a tad repetitive at times, even though the developers clearly did their best to vary things up. Each Spider-Man has their own villains and gameplay features specific to their dimension, but the web slinger's antics begin to feel incredibly familiar far too quickly. The story is also absolutely dreadful too, more akin to the cartoon filler Spider-Man than the sharp writing that the comics are renowned for.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions makes it on the list merely because I think a lot of people may have been counting it out prematurely. Even though Spider-Man might be a recognizable name, unpleasant memories of the last few gamers may have killed some of the hype. Shattered Dimensions isn't the best Spider-Man game ever made (Spider-Man 2), but it's still worth checking out if you count yourself amongst the Wall Crawler's faithful followers.

Grade: B

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  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    No I didn't miss the most bloody obvious anticipated PSP title Birth By Sleep , I did miss however Halo Reacharound

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