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10 sci-fi gadgets that exist today

Why do we watch sci-fi film? 'Back to the Future,' 'Star Wars,' 'Star Trek.' Is it for the stories? A little but for the most part it is for the cool gadgets and technology that we might have someday. (Like flying cars and lightsabers) but until those come around let's look at some of the awesome gadgets our future has in store for us today.

  1. Smart contact lenses by Goggle --- for diabatics to measure their blood sugar instead of pricking their fingers everyday. Pain fees the way to go!
  2. Mooumetal --- Indestructible metal, much like adamantum that Wolverine has in 'X-men'. This new metal might be used for building or airplanes one day.
  3. Bioluminescent light --- looks like it came straight from the movie 'Avatar.' Algy found in a lagoon in Jamaica that when charged by daylight gives off a cool neon light. A company is going to sell this in a plastic dinosaur.
  4. Optical Camouflage --- Not quite an invisibility cloak but invisibility material that bends light around it when worn to give the user a translucent look.
  5. 3D Printing --- Although this has been around a while now they are now able to print eatable food. Sounds like something from Star Trek.
  6. Self-Driving Cars --- Cars that you operate with a computer instead of a steering wheel. There are even sensors to let the car know there is something in front of it.
  7. Universal Translator --- Another item right out of Star Trek. A voice translator that translates your language into another. It can speak up to 25 languages.
  8. Bionics --- Now a gadget from 'Star Wars'. Robotic arms and legs for people who no longer have function of their limbs. Not only that but it lets the user feel too.
  9. Password Pill --- A pill that once swallowed will allow you to unlock your tech, releasing a 8-bit single once dissolved.
  10. Powered Amor --- Now the Iron Man suit will help out the military. A exoskeleton can lift heavy items but now there is a power armor called the 'exosuit' that let's the wearer move around easily and carry their weapons. Not quite the laser blasting gun but good enough.

In conclusion these are all very cool, with the exception of the pill perhaps. If you think of any awesome gadgets that I missed out let me know and stay up to date with the sci-fi guru by subscribing

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