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10 Rockin' Bands That Haven't Made The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame In 2014

There are those who believe that there is some kind of bias against hard rock and heavy metal bands making it into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. They may have a point.

Despite the recent induction of such snubs as Metallica, Kiss, Heart and Rush, there is still an ample list of amazing bands that are more than deserving of a nod. The following is a list of some of the greatest rock and metal bands in history that still haven't gotten past the gates in the HOF in Cleveland in 2014.

Deep Purple

No band of it's era had more influence over rock music than Deep Purple. Well, maybe Sabbath but then Glenn Hughes from DP was in Sabbath (for one album). Ian Gillen was also in Sabbath (for one album). David Coverdale and Ian Paice from Whitesnake, another HOF caliber band on this list... all were in Deep Purple. Joe Lynn Turner, Roger Glover and Richie Blackmore from Rainbow who launched Ronnie James Dio's career... also in Deep Purple at one point.

Regardless of how much of a revolving door the vocalist spot became, Roger Glover, Ian Paice and the late Jon Lord along with Richie Blackmore were the heart and soul of this incredible band of amazing musicians. Jon Lord's organ solos while rocking it back and forth are epic enough by themselves to be voted in by a landslide.

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi. Loved by millions, sold a bazillion records and survived the grunge onslaught on hair metal in the 90's. It's pretty hard to argue with success and they have an overabundance of it. Their staying power and the ability to keep cranking out hits like "It's My Life" long after hair metal had gone the way of the dinosaur sets them apart from the vast majority of bands from their era.

The writing duo of Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora penned huge hits for many other artists as well including Cher. Include Jon Bon Jovi's solo hits like "Blaze Of Glory" and it makes an even stronger case for them to get in the door.

Iron Maiden

One of the best selling metal bands of all time as well as one of the greatest live bands ever, Maiden still sells out arenas worldwide and has multiple gold and platinum albums despite never being played on mainstream radio (well, at least until AFTER they made it big). They were arguably the most successful word of mouth metal band of all time.

They are an iconic example of the quintessential metal band even without their mascot, Eddie. Whenever anybody mentions 80's metal, you hear the words Maiden and Priest most of the time. Hard, heavy and still beautifully melodic with their duelling solos that guided the artful stories their very cerebral lyrics told.

Def Leppard

Any band that rocks out and has achieved the massive success these guys have despite their drummer losing an arm and their guitarist losing his life gets my vote. From "Pyromania" to "Hysteria", they had some of the biggest selling albums of the 80's.

They still sell out shows all over the world. Their drummer, Rick Allen is an inspiration to every musician who's ever faced adversity in their life and in their career. If he can do what he does, anybody can.


One of the biggest bands of the 70's and 80's, Journey packed arenas all over the world and still do even if half the band has been replaced over the years. Neal Schon is one of the most underrated guitarists of all time and he is still tearing it up today. They sold millions of records and their song "Don't Stop Believin'" still resonates in pop culture in shows like Glee, etc., generation after generation.

Their music is timeless, epic and they have been ignored for far too long.


Featuring former members of Deep Purple that already gained legendary status, Whitesnake's career spanned from the late 70's through into the 90's and became one of the biggest selling rock bands of the era in their own right. Their videos in the 80's with Tawny Kitaen and David Coverdale were one of the definitive images that defined the decadent 80's hair metal lifestyle.

They have multiple gold and platinum albums as well as multiple top 10 hits, as well as still rocking out at festivals and concerts. They have a huge following around the world.


They have the most unique, amazing sound of any rock band ever due to the meticulous and methodical standards Tom Scholz lives by. He was so technologically adept, he invented the RockMan, a portable multi effects jam box that every guitarist had when they came out. The incredible vocals of Brad Delp and the super chorus laden guitars of Scholz and Barry Goudreau took their music to a new level that nobody had aspired to at the time.

It's unfortunate that their slow recording process caused them to release so few albums in their many years together but the ones they did make are classics and every song is fantastic. Their popularity, their innovation and their talent should land them a spot in the hall, no question about it.

Ronnie James Dio

He fronted some of the greatest bands ever and penned some of my favorite songs of all time. From his days in Rainbow with "Man On A Silver Mountain" to his stint with Black Sabbath and the metal classic "Heaven And Hell" to his impressive solo career, RJD had a voice that was powerful, unique and special. His mystical take on metal shined through on everything he touched. Holy Diver and The Last In Line are metal classics, plain and simple.

He is also credited as spawning the devil horns as the international symbol of metal, even though he explained that's not really what it meant when he did it. He is a music legend, a metal icon and he is more than deserving.


This band is THE pioneer of death metal. Period. They blazed a trail that an infinite number of bands followed in their wake. Their epic songs such as "Raining Blood", "Seasons In The Abyss" and "South Of Heaven" reach inside you and make you feel uncomfortable and ecstatic at the same time.

There are innovators and imitators and Slayer is definitely the former. With the passing of Mike Henneman last year, it is even more important that a legendary band like this gets recognized for the doors they have opened for metalheads everywhere.

Judas Priest

Rob Halford became even more of a metal god recently by teaming up with Five Finger Death Punch on their song, "Lift Me Up", not that he needed any help in that department. His long and successful career as the soul piercing vocalist for Priest has placed him in the metal dictionary as THE metal god.

The duelling guitars and shredding riffs still pound it home every time you hear them. The music is timeless and the success and fan loyalty are undeniable. There should be no doubt in anybody's mind whether they deserve to be in or not, it's a no brainer.

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