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10 resolutions for more beautiful 2010

Happy New Year
Happy New Year

Every year we make promises to be better, healthier, thinner and wiser financially. We hardly ever keep them and always roll them over to the next fresh beginning. Mostly because we want quick changes and often set unrealistic goals and deadlines. Then we get discouraged and drop it all together. No great results and permanent transformations happen over night. Patience, discipline and consistency are the only ways to success. Being reasonable and somewhat conservative with our to do list will also help tremendously. Think of those persistent little ants building their Burj Dubai Tower, one tiny grain at a time. Big things always start somewhere and nothing is too small to make a difference. So this year lets consider few feasible, easy steps to help us be healthier, happier and more beautiful. 

  1. Sunscreen, no matter if it's sunny or cloudy out there, we need to protect our skin every day of the year. Let's make it a habit and always apply a good SPF (like the Kate Somerville Protect Serum) in addition to our morning skin care. There are some lotions that already contain sunscreen but they are not as effective as an individual product ( 2 in 1 is rarely a great solution).
  2. Drink and drink smart. Replace soda and juice with water. Find a blend of green tea that you like. You would be surprised how many delicious flavors you can find.
  3. Quality not quantity. Don't focus so much on how many calories you eat but rather what kind and when. The quality of food we consume is much more important then it's dimensions. Avoid sweets and fruit in the evening. Always eat breakfast and try to keep your portions smaller but more frequent. 
  4. Never be hungry.  Pack little healthy snacks and bring lunch to your office. Never go grocery shopping hungry, you will end up grabbing a lot of junk food, just because your belly is making all sorts of noises.
  5. Limit sugar. Every spoon of sugar, honey or syrup adds about 60 calories to your drink or meal. Artificial sweeteners may not have the calories but they give you the craving of something sweet later. If you try for a week to eliminate or limit sugar in your diet you will see a significant difference in your desire for it. 
  6. Sleep. Instead of watching your favorite series until you drop, lay down in bed, read a book and let your body get some rest when it naturally needs it. We tend to stay up and completely disregard the signs of fatigue. Avoiding sugar in the evening will also help you fall asleep better.  
  7. Squeeze some exercise. Who said you can workout only at the gym? Few quick sprints while taking a walk or some squats, lunges or pushups in front of the TV are easy to insert here and there throughout the day. 
  8. Find pleasures and rewards other then dinning out. Instead of pricy dinner and drinks how about a nice massage or facial to make you feel good. 
  9. Take supplements. We all need it, no matter how healthy our diet is. When your body doesn't luck minerals and vitamins you have less cravings too. 
  10. Be enthusiastic. When exercising and eating right feels like punishment, you will fail sooner or later. Find activities, sports and foods that work for you, keep you entertained and excited. There are so many choices and alternatives out there, it is hard to find a good excuse to stay fluffy. 

Don't wait till tomorrow. You had a cookie and an eggnog this morning, so what?! Don't wait till Monday to start your healthy lifestyle. Do it right away. Remember, every little thing counts. 


  • Herby Schwibitz 5 years ago

    Why is it that you seem to observe all my bad habits and talk about them in your blog. IF you like I will keep a diary and save you the trouble of observing my bad habits

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