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10 reasons why women avoid your dating profile

Don't worry, you'll find love soon...
Don't worry, you'll find love soon...
Photo by Jena Ardell.

Not sure why your dating profile isn't seeing any love? Before you try eHarmony, OkCupid, PlentyofFish, JDate or, make sure you know the 10 Reasons Why Women Avoid Your Dating Profile:

10. You lack decent photos. If you don't have a photo/you only posted one photo, or your photos are severely outdated, man up. Play fair and let us see a few photos of the present-day you. If things go well, we're going to find out what you look like anyway.

9. Your intro paragraph is too snarky. Anyone who writes: "I don't know why I am filling this out", makes us think: "I don't know why I would want to contact this bitter person."

8. You've written too much or too little. We need to know a little information about you in order to start a conversation; however, we don't need to know every book you've read and why you liked it. You have to keep some (boring) things a mystery.

7. There are too many spelling errors in your profile, and we can't overlook the fact that you don't know the difference between "your" vs. "you're". Brushing up on your grammar skills will certainly increase your chances at love. Chicks dig a good speller... Errr, Chicks dig a man who can spell words correctly. (See what we did there?) +1 Grammar point.

6. Your messages are too aggressive. One surefire way to guarantee we won't respond is to send us multiple, one-lined messages and then ask "Well, are you going to talk to me or what? lol". Obviously, the answer is no, with or without the friendly 'lol'.

5. Your message only contains a salutation, like "hey cutie". What comes next: A/S/L? That is not an AOL chat room circa 1996. Save the pet names for when you're actually in a relationship. Make a comment or ask a question about a shared interest instead of telling us we're hot; that way, at least we'll respond with more than "hey" or "thanks".

4. We see your last login was after 2 AM. Knowing you stay up that late on a weekday makes us question whether or not you have a real job or insomnia. Do yourself a favor and sign off before midnight. Judgment tends to wane as the night progresses anyway. Who knows who you'll message if you aren't thinking clearly.

3. You're holding a red plastic cup in all of your photos. Show us there's more to you than the fact that you like to drink with your buddies. If we wanted a frat boy, we would have dated one in college. Show us a photo with more substance and for God's sake, keep your shirt on.

2. Your message only focuses on our appearance. Reading a compliment like "You look like a total babe" makes us feel like you only looked at our photos and haven't bothered to read our profile. This type of behavior makes us assume you're a poor listener IRL too. (Eyes up here, buddy).

1. The 21st century's a bitch. We've already asked you out, dated you and found a reason to break up with you... in our imagination, just by glancing at your profile. For whatever reason(s), not everyone is destined to be compatible. Just be patient and you'll find love when you least expect.

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