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10 Reasons To Visit Vail, Colorado

10 Reasons To Visit Vail, Colorado

Vail may be known around the world as one of the most popular ski destinations in the US but summer is hopping up here as well. Hop on a mountain bike or trail and wrap up the evening with fine dining, relaxing spas, and gorgeous places to stay. Here are top 10 reasons to make Vail your next destination.

1. Vail Vitality Center

Head to the Vail Vitality Center for a focus on wellness . With both holistic and traditional options, you will find a style that suits you. Staff will help you outline goals and develop an efficient plan with a body composition analysis and a functional movement screening. The approach to fitness here is comprehensive with diagnostics, holistic care, athletics training, and recovery. There is also a spa, yoga center and plenty of fitness classes.

2. Vail Mountain Lodge

Perhaps the best place to stay in Vail, the Vail Mountain Lodge is a boutique hotel with 27 rooms plus condominiums. Find deep tubs to soak, feather beds, fireplaces, and fully equipped kitchens. The lodge is also home to the Terra Bistro, a gourmet green restaurant. When you stay here, getting up is easier with a breakfast spread that pushes aside boxed cereals and white toast. Instead find homemade granola, French toast, eggs, and smoked salmon.

3. Sweet Basil Restaurant

Sweet Basil reigns in local with produce grown in an offsite garden. There are some dishes that you just must try. Start with the Borden farm tomato salad, buffalo milk yogurt with dried olive and compressed cucumber, or puffed couscous with garden herbs and leaves. Then have a Cedar River ribeye steak or some Olathe creamed corn with crispy parmesan spoon bread. The fish menu is also extensive and delicious.

4. Bol

Bol is not your typical mountain bowling alley. Instead of run down wooden lanes, find an upscale, swanky bowling alley where you can play a few games, get a drink, or eat dinner. Top menu items include: Mango BBQ Chicken, Indian Lamb Stew andBread Pudding. There are more than 100 different wines available as well as cocktails and beers.

5. Restaurant Kelly Liken

Restaurant Kelly Liken is fine dining American fare that is seasonal, using local produce –meaning the menu is constantly changing to offer the freshest ingredients and newest creations. There are more than 60 different wines available by the glass and 250 by the bottle as well as a full bar. Menu items include the Harrisa Grilled Baby Octopus or Potato Crusted Trout Fillet. For dessert go for it with the Sticky Bun Sundae!

6. Berry Picker Trail

Connect with gorgeous views on the Berry Picker Trail on Vail Mountain. Whether you hike to apex or stay closer to the base, you are sure to come across wildflowers and wildlife without a long drive to an off site trail head.

7. Spa at the Vail Vitality Center

The spa is part of the Vail Vitality Center and one of the most popular and relaxing options is the coffee-and-sea-kelp massage. This is supposed to help combat oxidative stress in your body. Additionally, the body and skin treatments help with skin recovery and are incredibly relaxing.

8. Matsuhisa

Matsuhisa takes Japanese dining to the next level. Every single dish on this gourmet menu is delicious but consider trying the black cod. Save room for dessert so you can enjoy gourmet shaved ice – ice cream topped with condensed milk and caramel sauce.

9. Mountain Biking at Vail Mountain

Another popular outdoor activity in Vail during the non-skiing months is mountain biking at Vail Mountain. For the best experience, hire a tour guide to take you around so you won’t need to mess with the trail map. You can rent a bike and ride downhill only as there is a gondola bike haul.

10. Steadman Philippon Research Institute

This research institute was founded in 1988 by Dr. J. Richard Steadman and specializes in orthopedic disorders. It works with multiple areas of research and education including injury prevention, rehabilitation, healing, and arthritis. The Research Institute also includes a popular clinic, the Steadman Clinic, that many patients travel to Vail to visit.

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