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10 reasons to grow herbs

Fresh coriander

Growing an herb garden takes very little time and effort. There are several reasons to add a few herbs to any landscape, garden or patio.

  1. Herbs are a perfect for novice gardeners. They provide a great way for anyone interested in gardening to “get their feet wet.”
  2. There is little expense to get started. Though many garden centers offer a selection of starter plants, most herbs can be started from seed for a much lower cost. Plants grown from seed tend to be healthier than those that are transplanted.
  3. They require little garden space. Herbs may be tucked in and around other plants. Used in this way as fillers they do not need to have their own “dedicated” space.
  4. They can be grown entirely in pots. Most herbs can be nestled together in pots. Groupings in odd numbers of three, five, etc. make very attractive decorations for a patio or entryway.
  5. They enhance the flavor of foods and beverages. Herbs encourage creativity in cooking, and they are not just limited to foods. Many herbs make delicious teas, and sometimes they are added to cocktails for a surprising twist.
  6. Many herbs have medicinal qualities. Herbs were man’s first medicines. Most of the herbs that are commonly used today have medicinal properties.
  7. Herbs add beauty and scent to a landscape or garden. A garden should delight all of your senses. The addition of aromatic herbs can help add to the atmosphere and ambiance of any garden.
  8. Save money by growing and drying your own. Commercially grown herbs can be very costly when purchased in those pretty, glass bottles and jars. You can grow your own for a fraction of the cost of buying them in the store.
  9. They are guilt-free, organically grown. If you follow organic gardening practices, you will produce healthy plants that are free from harmful pesticides used by large commercial growers.
  10. Encourage use of less salt in diet. Studies have indicated that people who use herbs tend to use less salt in their diets.

The Sonoran Desert provides a perfect climate for many herbs. Plants that are protected from summer sun and winter frost can often thrive from season-to-season. This means that you do not need to replant, and will ultimately have larger and healthier plants. Growing your own herbs is a win-win for your health and that of your family. It just makes good scents!

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To read more about the connection of herbs and sodium intake, see page 78 of the study at:

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