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10 questions with historical fiction blogger: Kathy Branfield

Kathy Branfield runs  Book Reviews & More by Kathy.
Kathy Branfield runs Book Reviews & More by Kathy.
Courtesy of Kathy Branfield

The world of historical fiction features great authors and great bloggers and book reviewers who help promote the wonderful novels written by these fantastic historical fiction writers. These bloggers and reviewers have a passion for historical fiction and are proud to promote the works they read and enjoy. Kathy Branfield from Book Reviews & More by Kathy answers 10 questions about the genre she so loves.

1. What was the first historical fiction novel you ever read?

"The Flame and the Flower" by Kathleen Woodiwiss

2. What are your favorite historical fiction novels?

"A Bride Most Begrudging" by Deeanne Gist, "The Trouble with Honor" by Julia London & " His Convict Wife" by Lena Dowling"

3. Who are some historical fiction authors you have interviewed or worked with?

Victoria Vane, Kaki Warner, Viveka Portman, Lena Dowling, Elizabeth Loupas and many others.

4. If you could go back in time and be any figure from history, who would it be?

Meriweather Lewis or William Clark. I would love to experience America before it was inhabited by pioneers.

5. What year in history would you have liked to live in?

Anytime in the 1800s after the Civil War

6. You're having a dinner party and you can invite 5 people from history, who would they be?

Helen Keller, Laura Ingalls Wilder, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln & John F. Kennedy

7. What castle from the past or present would you like to live in?

Chateau de Chambord, France

8. Which of the six wives of King Henry VIII is your favorite?

Anne Boleyn

9. Do you read traditional books or use an E-Reader?

E-Reader! LOVE the convenience!

10. Tea or coffee when reading and reviewing books?



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