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10 questions to ask a wedding videographer

While your photographer will capture every detail of your big day, your wedding videographer will allow you to relive the day whether it is a 5 minute highlight video or a full 60 minute documentary. Picking out a wedding videographer can be overwhelming and time consuming but as long as you ask the right questions and check out their work, you should be alright.

TIP #1: I found that the easiest way to go about looking for a videographer was to make a list of all of the videographers I reached out to so that I could keep track of who responded to my inquiry and who didn't. I greatly appreciated those who are digital savvy and can quickly respond to emails because that is the best method of communication for myself.

TIP #2: In my initial inquiry to the videographer, I included a link of a wedding video (above) that I absolutely loved and wanted something similar for my own wedding video. This helps the videographer really understand what you're talking about, especially if you don't understand their video-lingo.

10 Questions to Ask Your Future Wedding Videographer:

  1. What is your video style? (cinematic or documentary? Is their shooting approach more linear or story telling?)
  2. What type of coverage do you offer? (you can cut costs by having your videographer only shoot your ceremony or you can request a full day of coverage including 2-3 hours before the ceremony while you get ready)
  3. How will the audio be handled? (wireless mics or boom mic?)
  4. What types of cameras/lighting will you use? (think about your ceremony/reception venue - will it require additional lighting or can you use natural lighting?)
  5. How do you handle music? (some videographers allow you to choose the music, others have a library that they choose from)
  6. How long is the final video? (3-5 min highlight film, 20 min short-form or 60 min feature-length?)
  7. Have you ever shot a wedding at (ceremony/reception location) before? If so, can I see an example of the video?
  8. Who will actually be our videographer? Will there be an assistant or a second shooter as well?
  9. What packages do you offer and how much? What deposit do you require?
  10. Do you charge a travel fee to travel to (ceremony/reception location)? (to avoid travel fees and hotel accommodations, try looking for a videographer within 30 minutes of your venue)

TIP #3: Once you get package prices, feel free to express to the videographer what your budget is and what elements of a certain package you really want and see if they can accommodate their prices for you. You never know what you are able to work out so you might as well ask. (Just don't be too aggressive)

TIP #4: You should always take a look at atleast one wedding video that the videographer has done in the past. This will help show you their level of experience, editing abilities, story telling abilities, etc. And if you can't decide between two really good videographers, then base your decision on which video you liked best.

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