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10 (plus) grants for autistic families in Connecticut and beyond

Get help through family grants
Get help through family grants

Supporting the needs of an autistic child can drain a family financially and emotionally.  If winning the lottery doesn't seem practical, there are a few local grants that will help to relieve a bit of the burden.  With a little effort, you may qualify to receive money, a service or benefit.  Check these out:

1.   Dental Care for Children with Special Needs:  If accepted, the Humanitarian Foundation Grottoes of North America will provide dental care (excluding orthodontia)  up until the age of 18 years.  To qualify, documentation of at least a two year overall, developmentally delayed learning ability is required.  The final decision for acceptance is left up to the Humanitarian Foundation Grottoes of North America.  Contact the local Connecticut representatives:  David Cole (New Haven) at: 203-214-4867 or email: or James Wood (E. Norwalk)  at 203-846-1234 or

2. Accepting applications NOW (Until the middle/end of August)!  Grant for safety and security related needs:  The Autism Society of Connecticut (ASCONN) provides mini-grants, up to $1,000 to persons with autism, parents,  family members, or any persons working with autistic individuals.  The money awarded must be used to purchase items that directly relate to the safety and security of persons with autism or their families within Connecticut.  To learn more or fill out an application,  visit: .

3. Respite Services:  The State of Connecticut, Department of Developmental Services recognizes that individuals and families often need occasional breaks.  Once eligibility and level of need are established, families will be guided to the next step to receive services.

4.Financial NeedAutism Happens Foundation awards (2)  $1,000 grants to families with the most financial need.  The deadline for the application this year has past. 

5. Un-funded ResourceMaggie's Hope accepts applications for funding based on a much needed resource for your child or family.

6. Funding schooling, treatment or medical:  Autism Help Network will provide financial assistance through grants or scholarships.   Consideration goes to families who meet their criteria.  Receipts and/or invoices are required.

7. Family and Child ServicesNational Autism Association.  Funding is awarded to those in DIRE need.  Go to the Family First link for parental and family counseling grants (up to $500) or to the Helping Hands Project for Child Services.  The application time-line has past for 2010, but mark your calendars for 2011.  Applications accepted for a brief period of time, check back often.

8.  Accepting Applications NOW (August 21, 2010 deadline) Critical living Expense grants: Autism Cares.  A one time only award (up to $1000), Autism Cares are taking applications for living expenses due to hardship.

9. Parent Training: CT Families for Effective Autism Treatment .  Applications are currently being accepted.  Follow the directions provided on the website for consideration.  Turn around for application review is generally about two weeks.

10.  Child Care:  Department of Social Services Available to low to moderate families paying for child care costs in Connecticut.  This is not exclusively for families with special needs or autistic children.  It is open to the public.  You must be identified as eligible for such services by filling out and submitting  the application form

11. Treatment: ACT (Autism Care and Treatment) Today Provides funding and support to families who cannot afford the treatments necessary for their child to reach his/her full potential.  Grant applications are not currently being accepted, but check back often for a funding opportunity.

For more information on financial assistance for the extremely disabled, visit the Supplemental Security Income website at:

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Information for this article is a compilation of research from other resources and articles.  Such articles include: and . 

Local non-profit foundations, organizations or businesses may have a community program.  If you know of an organization that provides grants to families,  please leave a comment or email me at: .


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