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10 phrases that imprison us in self doubt

Gods Evening Light
Gods Evening Light
Sherryl Craig, Athens AL, 2011

Being critical of ourselves and to others can, if continued over a period of time, imprint upon us a negative frame of mind and instill in us self doubt and uncertainty.

If this type of negative conditioning is not corrected it can lead to low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and a host of other forms of mental, physical, and spiritual illness.

Positive re-enforcements are needed in our lives to help us grow and mature into what we would hope is a healthy living. Placing oneself into positive and encouraging environments, instead of discouraging situations and roles, can help with future motivational avenues of thought training.

Spiritual health is just one of the three main areas in our life that we need to be sure we pay attention to. Prayer, meditation, and healthy spiritual connections to a higher power is proven to assist in us in living a more productive and healthy life. The other two areas are our physical and mental health.

We also know that words have power. Words have great meaning to us. When we are encouraged with positive words we are more productive, healthier, and happier. When we are ridiculed, cursed and talked down to we show signs of lower self-esteem, self-doubt, and usually have lower productive rates in our careers, family, and personal lives.

The following words/phrases can hurt us greatly. These are the areas we need to work on and in doing so it would be by changing the “words” we speak and how we use them in context to our daily living. There are, of course, so many more than just ten phrases. The one's listed below seem to be the most popular.

  1. I can't make it on my own.

  2. Life is just not fair.

  3. I'm so stupid and boring and tired of never getting ahead.

  4. I'm worthless.

  5. Life is just too hard.

  6. There will never be hope for me.

  7. My life is impossible.

  8. I hate myself and everyone else.

  9. I'll never be good enough.

  10. No one loves me.

Life is always going to be a struggle. That's it, period. There are no if's, and's, or but's about it. There will always be obstacles, tests, challenges, and rules. That's all part of learning the lessons we are suppose to learn. Humility, compassion, kindness, and love; just to name a few are part of the journey called life.

Let's look at the break down.

  1. I can't make it on my own. - People say it every day but people do make it on their own. What's so ironic is that they are not really alone. God walks with us each and every moment of lives. He is always there and always listening. You must are never truly “alone.”

  2. Life is just not fair. - Well, we know that lot's of people say that. Life is just not fair. How fair is it suppose to be? If we had everything handed to us on silver platters we would never learn what it's like to know hard work, how to be humble and loving toward others or what it's like to do a hard days work and be proud of our accomplishment.

  3. I'm so stupid and boring and tired of never getting ahead. - Demeaning phrases such as this are usually held over from that thing called conditioning, mentioned above.

  4. I'm worthless – This can also be part of that thing called conditioning. It is sometimes programmed into us as children or even as adults in strained or abusive relationships.

  5. Life is just too hard. - Not everything is easy. Life is one of those things that's not meant to be easy. Sure we may have some luxury or finery but for the most part, “everyone” has hard times.

  6. There is no such thing as hope. - Never give up on hoping or believing in a better future, a better you, or a better life. Your thoughts create your future and to keep these thoughts in your head, and then to speak them, holds back your true potential.

  7. My life is impossible. - Nothing is impossible. Well......maybe flying to the moon on a broom is impossible, but hey, no one will ever be perfect. Ever.

  8. I hate myself. - Negative thoughts bury you deep in the abyss of morbid depression and despair. Find that one thing that makes you smile, that one thing that makes your heart swell with love. Remember that every word you speak creates something in your life. Say......”I love myself.”

9. I'll never be good enough. - You are a creation of God. You are a part of God and God is within you. You

“ARE” good enough. In fact........your better. God does not create garbage.

10. No one loves me.- Strike those four words from your vocabulary and replace them with these

three..........”God Loves Me”.........truly.......”God Loves You”....................

Remember, no human is perfect. Life will always produce challenges, and there will be hills and valley's to move through on this wonderful journey called life. It's all in how we accept the challenges, how we interpret the path and how we set our course toward making every day better than the last.

Words have great power so use yours wisely.

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