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10 Photos of Carrie Underwood at CRS 2014

Carried Underwood
Carried Underwood
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

One of our favorite Nashville celebrities to write about and give a display of photos on is country singer and entertainer Carrie Underwood. The American Idol winner is a member of the Grand Old Opry and is present at most of the country music awards shows which we see, whether they are taking place here in Nashville or in Las Vegas or elsewhere.

The latest photos we found on Carrie Underwood were taken at the recent Country Radio Seminar (CRS) which happens here in Nashville, and we have 10 photos of Carrie Underwood at CRS 2014 to share with our readers.

Leave us a note in the space provided below to let us know which of Carrie Underwood's songs you like the best, and why it is your pick. We are probably going to say that her very first hit 'Jesus Take The Wheel' is still our ultimate favorite, but we find that her version of 'How Great Thou Art' can rival any singer for the feeling and the depth of feeling that we hear in her voice.