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10 people to shower with love on Valentine's Day

Share your feelings with those you love on Valentine's Day
Share your feelings with those you love on Valentine's Day
Sandy Wallace

Valentine's Day will be here before you know it. On Valentine's Day, it's traditional to show your love for your sweetheart with cards, flowers, candy and other gifts.

Some people believe that our modern celebration of Valentine's Day began with St. Valentine, who was martyred. Others believe the day began as a pagan feast celebrating fertility. The first written valentines appeared in the 1400s, according to

However the celebration of Valentine's Day began, the day is most commonly associated with romantic love. As with many special days, Valentine's Day love is also extended to other beloved family members and friends.

As the countdown to Valentine's Day begins, here's a Valentine's Day guide to the 10 people you should shower with love on Valentine's Day.

Shower your sweetheart with love. Write a note to tell him how much you love him. Make his favorite meal. Buy him tickets to a game he wants to see. Bake him brownies or cookies. The ways are endless.

Of course you love your child every day. Valentine's Day offers an opportunity to play show and tell with your love. Be creative with a collage of photos of you with your child. Cook breakfast with your child. Create a special Valentine's Day treat. Plan a fun day together.

Your mom committed her life to you. Show mom your love on Valentine's Day. Write a letter to tell her how much she means to you. Take her out to lunch. Send flowers or call if your mom lives far away.

Your dad was the first man in your life. Say "I love you" to your dad with words and actions. Plan to attend a special event with your dad. Visit your dad at work or call him during the day just to say hi. Write a letter to tell him how he impacted your life.

If you're lucky, your grandparents are still living. Visit them on Valentine's Day or call if they live far away. Share a favorite memory of time you spent together. If your grandparents are no longer living, decorate their grave with flowers and frame a favorite photo of you with them.

The luckiest of parents are also grandparents. Grandkids are one of life's most wonderful blessings. Invite your grandkids to spend the night for Valentine's Day. Make cute Valentine treats together. Look at old photos and share special memories. Help them make cards for mom and dad.

Your best friend is always there to lend a shoulder, an ear or a hand. Frame a photo of the two of you. Send a special card or flowers to show your love. Make plans to meet for lunch or dinner during the week.

Some coworkers are easier to love than others. Make a special treat to bring to work on Valentine's Day. Pick up a balloon bouquet for your boss' or coworker's desk to share the love.

Whether your siblings live nearby or far away, you share special childhood memories. If you live close to one another, plan a siblings date night. Go out to dinner and celebrate your heritage. If you live far away, relive the past by writing down your favorite memory in a letter to each sibling. Include a framed photo of you together for a cherished gift.

There's someone in your life who has served as a mentor to you. It may be a favorite teacher, your pastor, a relative or friend. Make Valentine's Day special by sending a card or letter, box of candy or a heart-shaped trinket box. Thank your mentor for the positive influence in your life.

Now that you've read this Valentine's Day guide, you'll probably think about many other important people in your life. Show you care to those you love every day. You don't need a special day to share how much your loved ones mean to you.

Don't give away all of your love. Share some for yourself. When you love yourself, it's much easier to show your love for others. Write down your favorite things about yourself. Read it whenever you're discouraged to shower yourself with love.

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