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10 Ouya Exclusives to be displayed at Game Developers Conference

10 Ouya exclusives will be shown off next month, during GDC 2014.
10 Ouya exclusives will be shown off next month, during GDC 2014.

On March 6 Ouya announced that a bunch of new games will be shown off at the Game Developers Conference this month, with ten of them being Ouya exclusives.

Juicy Beast, the developer best known for "Knightmare Tower", will be introducing a 2D platformer called "Toto Temple Deluxe", which launches in April. "That Dragon, Cancer" will make an appearance as well, and will arrive for Ouya later this year.

Other Ouya exclusives will include "Duck Game", a multiplayer arena style game; "Cascade", from the makers of "Amazing Frog", "reagan Gorbachev", a puzzle-adventure side scrolling beat 'em up, and "LAZA KNITEZ!!!", a four person multiplayer game about cosmic knights.

Also appearing at Game Developers Conference is "Neverending Nightmares", an Ouya-funded horror game inspired by mental illness. "Thralled" is a story of a mother and child that is due later this year, and "Whispering Willows" is another horror game exclusive to Ouya. Finally, "Knight & Damsel" is a racing game that determines whether the knight or the princess will save the other.

Ouya has added over 600 games to their Android based console since it launched in 2013. Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman wrote earlier this week, "We have 10 times more games than when we started, and new game submissions keep coming in, every week.