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10 old school classics that are better than anything you'll play today Pt. 2

Deus Ex
Released On: June 23, 2000 (10 years old)

Deus Ex wasn't the game that popularized mixing role-playing mechanics with first-person shooting gameplay. (That honor is reserved for System Shock). But you'll be hard pressed to find a game that pulls it off as successfully as Ion Storm's PC classic.

As a bio-mechanically augmented, badass super cop, you're tasked with taking down a terrorist organization by any means necessarily. Fortunately, in addition to a number of supernatural abilities, like super speed and super strength, you're also outfitted with an expansive arsenal of rocket launchers, sniper rifles and machine guns.

While this might sound like typical FPS fare, what really makes Deus Ex stand out is the nearly limitless freedom it gives you to experience the game as you wish. Not only are you free to make decisions that might have far-reaching repercussions, but you can also tackle your objectives however you see fit. Do you hack a terminal and control a machine gun turret, or do you go in guns blazing with grenades and bullets?

Combine Deus Ex's cyberpunk aesthetic with its complex plot and innovative gameplay and you have easily one of the greatest games ever developed for the PC. Games like Bioshock, Deus Ex: Invisible War, Project Snowblind and Fallout 3 have all vied for Deus Ex's crown, but none have managed to successfully replicate its jaw-dropping awesomeness quite as effectively.

Star Wars: TIE Fighter
Released On: July 1994 (16 years old)

You could argue that games like Star Wars: Rogue Leader edge out old-school classics like Star Wars: TIE Fighter, if only because it looks about a billion times prettier. However, any veteran of TIE Fighter's online dogfights will instantly tell you its not the graphics that make the game. Instead, it's the thrill of barreling through space, unleashing a hailstorm of green laser blasts at your enemies as the infamous scream of a TIE Fighter's engines explode through your computer speakers. It's the joy of hunting down X-Wings with your friends, frantically diverting energy to your shields while trying to shake off a bogey or daring to tackle an Alliance cruiser with only your wing mate and a small supply of proton torpedoes. Sorry.

Even if the next Star Wars game features starfighters that look photo realistic, unless it manages to rival the complexity and brilliance of TIE Fighter, it doesn't have a prayer of usurping its throne.


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  • jtuck 4 years ago

    Super Mario Kart was by far the best in the series. 64 was good for the 4 player but it still didn't come close to the level of control of the original. It was the looping red shell dynamic that truely placed the original apart from the sequels. That and the lack of those blasted Blue shells.

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