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10 of the worst foods you can eat

10 of the worst foods that you can eat
10 of the worst foods that you can eat
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No matter what time of year it is, being conscious and aware of what you're putting into your body is extremely important. Most people are only concerned about weight gain when it comes to food, but your choices can also negatively affect your health and longevity. Here are 10 of the worst foods you can eat.

  1. Condiments. You know those little packets of sauces that come along with your take out? Well, they contain chemicals, sweeteners and tons of salt that won’t do anything good for your waistline or your health.
  2. White flour foods. If you never eat white bread again, you’re doing yourself a favor because it leads to increased blood sugar levels and feeds cancer cells. Stick to whole grains, learn more about this here.
  3. Hydrogenated oils. This type of unhealthy fat will not only make you fat, it can change the structure of cell membranes in your body therefore potentially causing cancer.
  4. Swordfish. Fish is good for you but not this one. Swordfish is jam-packed with mercury; which is harmful to the brain. Skip the swordfish and choose a healthier option like cod.
  5. Artificial sweeteners. These little packets of zero calorie sweetness are not a healthy substitute for sugar; they have been linked to diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  6. Hot dogs. This food is truly one of the worst types of meat, if you want to call it that, that you can eat. They are processed, full of fat and contain parts of animals that you would never choose to eat otherwise.
  7. Canned fruit. You might think that you’re doing something healthy for yourself by eating fruit from a can, but you’re not. Almost anything canned comes along with tons of sugar; which completely undoes the goodness.
  8. Soda. Speaking of sugar, here’s another culprit. In addition to playing a part in obesity in America, soda is also full of chemicals that have been linked to cancer.
  9. Microwave popcorn. Who would have thought? Recently, it’s been discovered that the linging of the microwave popcorn bag contains harmful chemicals that could negatively affect your health. Learn more about this here.
  10. Apples, strawberries and grapes. You’re probably saying to yourself, what? Well, of course these foods are good for you, but when not grown organically, they are covered in chemicals, be sure to thoroughly wash.

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