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10 "No Excuses" Tips To Keep You Focused On Your Nutrition Goals!

Avoid scale abuse!  Weigh yourself once a week instead of everyday.
Avoid scale abuse! Weigh yourself once a week instead of everyday.

We've all experienced that certain lack of motivation when we have fallen off the bandwagon of a fitness or nutrition plan and are attempting to jump right back in where we left off, and just keep on falling back off again!  It's not easy coming back to the gym after a serious injury, or illness, nor is it easy for first time diet and fitness enthusiasts either!  Moderation is most important, but so is consistency and routine! 

Quick! Grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down these following tips and tape it to your refrigerator or bathroom mirror, or both!  

1. Always have lots of water available!  Buy a lot of bottles or a filter attachment for your faucet.  Just don't leave this one out!

2. Take Every Day Step By Step. Results don't happen overnight and rushing your body and overloading it with too many tasks at once can hinder what would be considered healthy progress.

3. Organize Your Drawers.  Putting all your workout clothes in one drawer will help you grab what you need and get going!

4.  Make sure you invest in ziploc baggies and tupperware. They are great little neccessities when it comes to those who are more pressed for time and need to have a quick meal or snack already pre-made.  Just set aside some time once a week to layout a weeks worth of prepared meals.

5.  Plan your meals and your workouts.  Writing down your calories and workouts will help you take responsibility. 

6.  Get Plenty of Rest! Make sure you aren't skimping out on the shut eye, listen to your body.

7. Keep a packed bag in the car! Pack your gym bag the night before and put it in the car just in case you are in a rush in the morning.  Also, while your at it, prepare some premeasured ziploc bags protein powder and pre- and post workout foods.

8. Stay Fully Charged! Your daily caloric intake is as important as the calories burned in the gym, so be sure to fuel your body properly throughout the day with complex carbs, lean proteins, and veggies.

9.  Take your vitamins! Exertion leads to deficiency in vital nutrients that otherwise are missed in your daily meals, so make sure you are supplementing with a complete vitmain and mineral supplement.

10.  Never forget WHY you are doing all of this! When the going gets tough, you will need every bit of motivation to keep you focused on your goal.  Visualizing yourself at your goal weight and health can help you put into perspective just how well you hard work is going to pay off! 


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