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10 New Years Surfing Resolutions

We are one the countdown for the last few days of 2009. Before you know it, you will be counting down the final seconds to the new year. Can you believe it's going to be 2010? You may be asking yourself, "Where has the time gone? What did I do the last 365 days?" 

Every new year means starting fresh, clean and an entirely new slate. The best part about a new year is setting up new goals for yourself. One of the most common goals I continue to hear year after year is, "I am going to loose weight."   I know I tell myself I am going to "get into better shape" every year. It really does sound like such a great resolution at the beginning of the year. By the time March creeps up, I have found myself neglecting my gym membership and making up excuses for missing that Bikram yoga or spinning class.  

This year I have decided to make a list of 10 great surf related resolutions. If you are like me and forget to use that gym membership on a regular basis, here are a few other great ways to keep yourself in the water and in shape.

1. Get a surfboard and wetsuit. For those of you who don't have one, you should go out and get one. You will be surprised at how much fun you will have in the lineup. Forget the dumbbells and weights, start using your upper body strength and learn to paddle.

2. Go out surfing at least once a week. If you make this your goal, you are bound to get in the water and catch a few waves. Forget the hour listening to that hip hop song and get your zen on in the ocean. It may be cold but at least your out there and enjoying mother nature.

3. Get a new wetsuit.  As I mentioned above, it will be cold considering it's winter time but there are no more excuses. With all the new technology and development with neoprene, you will be surprised at how warm you really can be. Check out Patagonia for unbelievably warm eco-friendly wetsuits with merino wool lining to keep you extra warm.  Quiksilver recently came out with a heated vest to help keep your core body temperature extra warm.  There are about 5 great companies that make suits ranging from $150- $500.00. So no more excuses. You will be warm!

4. Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding.   If  your looking for a great new challenge, try out stand up paddling. Its incredible for your balance, legs,  arm, and core muscles . You will be surprised at how quickly you will tone up that body flab. The best part about S.U.P (stand up paddles), is that you can do it in any body of water.  

5. Sunset or Sunrise Beach Run.  Treadmills are nice but can quickly get boring. Go outside, smell the fresh air and enjoy a beach run. Running in the sand is far more challenging than a treadmill. Time will go by much faster. Make time to watch a sunrise and sunset.  I hate to say this, but you never know when it will be your last.

6. Pick up at least three pieces of trash a session.  It's simple, if you see trash pick it up and throw it away.  

7. Clean off your surfboards.  I know more than anyone it can be a big pain cleaning off your longboards, but try to give your boards some love. You never know, they might perform better and definitely will look much nicer.

8. Give one compliment a session to someone you don't know.  Just a simple compliment can make someone's entire session.  We all deep down love compliments, so go ahead and try it.  It will make our lineups a happier place to be.

9. Watch a old classic surf movie.  One of my favorites is Endless Summer. Old movies make you appreciate surfing, our innovative equipment and Mother Nature.

10. Surf a new break.  Get out of your comfort zone. Make yourself surf one new surf spot and try something new.