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10 Natural ways to relieve stress

We all have experienced stressful situations where no matter how much we try to avoid it, the ability to cope with it seems impossible. Going through these motions can be overbearing, draining and surprisingly dangerous to your physical health and mental stability.

Dealing with life daily demands and pressures is exhausting, and can easily take your stress level to the maximum high. Learning not only to manage stress but how to relieve it is critical to your well-being.

Stress needs to be properly cared for like any other disorder. Stress that is not appropriately handled can lead to a negative reaction becoming distressed which then leads to physical symptoms and behavior changes and causes chronic diseases if worsen.

This list of relievers may decrease stress hormones so your mind can be settle in its most natural way.
Massage - This calmer lowers your blood pressure, heart rate, relaxes the muscles and releases tension caused by stress.

Meditation – Tune out the chaos and tune into your inner peace. Clear your overloaded mind and focus on absolutely nothing by meditating a couple minutes a day. This reduces negative energy and emotion and will leave you balanced and calm.

Sex – This natural stress reliever is an interesting form of exercise. Helps you burn calories, sleep better, lower your blood pressure, increases blood circulation, improves daily mood and combat anxiety.

Journaling – Writing regularly in dairy or journal cleanses your thoughts and feelings. This helps relieves stress by engaging in creative ways to express toxic situations. Also enhances immune function.

Yoga – Stay in good health, shape and calm your mind with yoga practice. Yoga promotes relaxation, unties the mind, body and breath. This practice also loosens tensed muscles in varies parts of the body.

Music – Ease your mind with some music therapy. Soft soothing music actually causes a calming effect and triggers positive emotions.

Laughter – Boost your energy and lower your stress hormones with some laughter. Laughter also boost immune system, relieves physical tension and stress.

Walking – What better way to burn calories and relive stress then walking. Your brain can be put in a meditative state especially when taking a stroll through green spaces.

Aromatherapy – This old age practice is a healing for good health. Essential oils used for aromatherapy are also carried in massage spas; these oils naturally promote relaxation, improve concentration and reduce physical and mental stress.

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