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10 month old baby hospitalized after beating

Stop hurting our most innocent!
Stop hurting our most innocent!
Donna Kshir / Donna M. Kshir

Each day in the United States thousands of children face the deadly epidemic of child abuse. Statistics show in the United States a child is abused every 10 seconds. Current reports show these statistics are on the rise.

Today Fox News 2 reported another disturbing case of child abuse. Over the weekend 32 year old Agustin Reyes, stood before a Mercedes judge, Juan Alvarez, for allegedly beating a 10 month old baby boy. The infant remains hospitalized in serious condition, fighting for his life.

According to authorities when emergency services arrived on the scene Saturday afternoon they found a 10 month old baby boy coughing up blood. Mercedes police chief Olga Maldonado told Fox 2 News, "the baby had visible signs of abuse."

Although Reyes claims the injuries to the baby boy were an accident, Mercedes police chief Olga Maldonado was quick to identify the physical signs of abuse on the infant. He stated, “Upon looking at the child we found older bruises."

During Reyes arraignment, he continued to claim the injuries to the infant were an accident.

“I was in the shower and I fell and the baby got hurt not me,” stated Reyes. However, the bruises on the baby's tiny body told a completely different story than Reyes.

Too many people refuse to have a voice when it comes to reporting child abuse. This usually occurs due to fear of repercussion. It takes a very strong individual to stand up and speak out, and be a voice for a voiceless child. “We have to be the voice of the child,” added Mercedes police chief Olga Maldonado.Thankfully Maldonado became that voice.

Reyes' bond is set at $750,000, and he is facing first degree felony charges for injury to a child. If the infant wouldn't survive, the charges against Reyes’ could be upgraded to murder.

This is not the first time Reyes’ has faced charges of child abuse. Several years ago he faced similar charges in Michigan.

Children are suffering in silence but there is hope. There are several child abuse awareness organizations across the country dedicated to educating the public to reduce the number of instances of violence towards children, assisting survivors of child abuse and their families in efforts to stop child abuse.

Local non-profit child abuse and neglect organization Dreamcatchers for Abused Children ( ) is dedicated to educating the public. Their goal is to lower child abuse statistics by educating the public on every aspect of child abuse through successful campaigns, community outreach programs, educational materials and literature. Dreamcatchers is Michigan's largest child abuse education and resource center.

If you see, hear or suspect a child is being abused please contact the state toll-free number for specific agencies designated to receive and investigate reports of suspected child abuse and neglect. By filing a report you may just save a child's life.

For more information or to file a report on a suspected case of child abuse, here is a complete list of state toll-free numbers for specific agencies designated to receive and investigate reports of suspected child abuse.

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