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$10 million yacht sinks at launch: Capsizes with 6 people on board (video)

A launch of a $10 million yacht is an exciting thing for the owners, but not if it slowly tilts to one side and goes down, down, and down until it is now a $10 million yacht laying on its side in the water! The yacht named Badene was being launched in Washington State when it suddenly capsized in still waters and the video of the failed launch has gone viral today.

$10 million yacht sinks during launch, right after a bottle of bubbly is smashed on her hull for good luck.
YouTube screen shot

According to MSN Money News on June 5, this disastrous boat launch appears to point to the launching apparatus as the culprit in this very big water-logged loss. A sudden list to port during the lowering of the boat into the water was too much for the boat to right itself. Instead of bobbing upright as expected, it continued going down on its side, much to the dismay of everyone watching, especially the new owners.

The investigation of this failed launch came up with evidence that the dolly carrying the weight of the boat on its port stern may have dropped off the boat ramp. This is seen with evidence found on the boat ramp and in an area adjacent to the boat ramp. The New World Yacht Builders constructed this yacht under the brand of Northern Marine, reports NBC News.

The video that someone took of the launch has made it to YouTube and has been seen on many of the morning news shows in the last two days, including "Fox and Friends." As you can see in the video above, the festivities were in full swing and a bottle of the bubbly is smashed against the hull of the ship before it is launched. It went downhill from there.

Six people were on board waiting to take the maiden voyage, but the were quickly ejected off the tumbling yacht. Everyone escaped serious injury in this failed launch. The New World Yacht has since suspended production and laid off its entire staff of 52 since this mishap.

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