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10 memories of 2010 from LA Faith and Family

As we look back on 2010, churches in Los Angeles County and families seeking faithfilled lives have experienced blessings and struggles. Let's look back on our ten most interesting experiences together.

10. The cancer connection. Those of us who've experienced the curse of cancer falling on either us or someone we love know all too well, it knows no bounds. Our faith enables us to endure with hope through horrible pains. I visited a Relay for Life to talk with people who represented churches and hope in the yuck of cancer.

9. Marathon moments. Last year when the Los Angeles Marathon went past several churches on a Sunday, they had an opportunity to make a difference or not. The struggle was evident.

8. Jailed and saved. During 2010, we read the testimony of Shane "Big Schizl" Coleman Jr. who came to know Jesus while in prison and he professed, "It was one of the best times of my life and I hated it."

7. Laker prayers. The powerhouse Los Angeles Lakers often succeed with seemingly little effort but as they face their nemesis, the Celtics, the question came forth. Is it appropriate to pray for the Lakers?

6. Spotlight on people who live their faith. While we all try to live our faith daily, it can be nice to learn about others and what they do we learned about different types of people doing various activities to express their faith. Kayla Kimball is a teen who helps at a homeless shelter. Racheal Yard is a mom who also aborted a child and now leads an abortion recovery group. Shane Coleman is a hip hop artist who helps others to create art and witnesses in jails around town. Nick Vujicic is a limbless man who believes in every person's purpose and shares his passion for Christ around the world.

5. Seeking wisdom for the school year. We prepared for an under budgeted school year with shortages and fears of how well our children will be taught. In spite of consistent school presence, we recalled our job as the first and most committed teachers our kids will ever know.

4. Facing homeless issues. A box city was created to remind people of the issue of homelessness. A local bicycle company fed hundreds. A pastor slept on skid row and churches collected tons of clothes. \

3. Ballots were marked. Ah, the election. The one we'd like to forget because they advertized forever. Yet as it approach, we humbly submitted ourselves to God's intervention and cast our votes.

2. Families spent time together. We watched the stars. We played games. We shopped in unusual places. We watch bikes race through town. We faced the rain.

1. We share our faith, by living it. We were thankful. We gave our time and energy to others. We sought spiritual power from our true Power Source. We recognized our limitations and asked for help. We recall where our joy is found.

Happy New Year one and all!

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