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10 May games you'll blow your tax refund on Pt. 3

Super Mario Galaxy 2
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Release Date: 05.23.2010

Virtually every normal Mario game is awesome. It's one of the world's few constants, hanging out proudly with stuff like taxes, death, gravity and the Chicago Cubs sucking. No matter what happens tomorrow, you can always count on Nintendo imbuing their latest Mario title with gorgeous art direction, innovative gameplay and creative worlds begging to be explored.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 looks to be no exception. Improving on the foundation established by Super Mario Galaxy, the sequel sports new items and power ups, new abilities and Yoshi as a playable character. Best of all, Super Mario Galaxy 2 comes out on Sunday, allowing you to dedicate an entire day to immersing yourself in Mario's latest adventure.

UFC Undisputed 2010
Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStaiton 3
Release Date: 05.25.2010

Is it normal to find yourself feuding friends daily about how Shogun Rua should have won at UFC 104? Does gazing at Sexyama's Adonis abs make you oddly aroused even though you're a guy? Do you mark down the days on your calendar until the next UFC Pay-Per-View? If you even thought about answering "yes" to any of those questions, chances are you've already pre-ordered your copy of UFC Undisputed 2010 months ago. If you haven't yet, what the hell, dude?

UFC Undisputed 2010 is everything a sequel to a successful sports game should be. Despite earning critical acclaim and amazing sales last year with UFC 2009 Undisputed, the developers at THQ didn't rest on their laurels one bit. Instead, they added a bunch of new fighters, revamped the graphics with better lighting and more detailed character models and added new modes to UFC 2010.

Oh, and they also completely redesigned virtually every aspect of the combat system (from striking to grappling to submissions), making fighting not only more authentic, but also deeper and more rewarding.

ModNation Racers
Platform: PlayStaiton 3, PSP
Release Date: 05.25.2010

Kart racing games like Mario Kart hold a special place in the memories of most gamers who grew up tossing shells and perfecting power slides with their friends on the Nintendo 64 (or Super Nintendo if you're even older). However, those days are long gone. Kart racing has faded into obscurity, and it's only the periodic resurgence of classics like Diddy Kong Racing on Nintendo DS that barely keep it afloat.

The upcoming Sony exclusive ModNation Racers is going to change all that. It packs all the normal staples of a good, kart racing game (turbo boosts, shields, upgradeable weapons, etc.), but it's most exciting features are going to be ones the gaming community end up devising.

Like Little Big Planet, ModNation Racers gives gamers the ability to customize and create to their hearts' content. Design your own characters and vehicles and then use them to test out a new level that a stranger from across the world just built from scratch. It's cute, engaging and innovative -- everything a kart racing game should be.

Other games you should check out:

Dementium II (NDS), Trauma Team (Wii), Blur (Multi), Backbreaker Football (Multi), Sniper: Ghost Warrior (Xbox 360)


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