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10 Lip Symptoms to Warn You of Health Problems

Signs of lip problems- Lips accessorize our smiles naturally. It is completely our responsibility to take extra care of these extra beautiful features. We all have witnessed some or the other lip problems in our lives at some or the other point of time. Since lip protrude a little put of our body tangent, and our sensitive to environmental conditions, they are more prone to problems and damage. But you will be shocked to know that apart from smiles, kisses and lovely talking, lips can depict a lot about our health too. The chapping, bleeding, drying, swelling, soaring, etc. are some signs of lips problems.

What causes lip problems: there may be n number of reasons of various lip problems that we face during the course of our lives but the cause has to be known in order to get rid of them and to get to know the complexity and the severity of the cause. Causes are a little normal (but definitely need to be taken care of) if it’s because of cold, temperature changes, sun exposure, dehydration, excessive cosmetic use, etc. But if the cause is due to some other health imbalance like viral infection, or some other disease, it is a severe problem needing instant and sincere care.

Here are ten ways in which the lips can become a diagnostic centre of various health problems:

1. Blue lips or blue fingernails are not very uncommon condition. It is worth noticing that bluing of nails and lips are one of the symptoms of asthma. In asthma, there is tightening of muscles, whooping cough, rapid breathing, etc. this condition might lead to chapped and blue lips. In case you experience such conditions on a regular basis and experience heavy breath and similar symptoms, do get a check for asthma.

2. This is strange but true that burning lips can be a sign of depression. Lips are very sensitive and since every sensory activity is linked to the brain, the lips can become sensitive during a psychological imbalance or disorder.

3. Chapping of lips is one of the most common of all lip problems. Chronic chapping leading to worse conditions might be a sign of some allergy. This can lead to swelling, cracking and peeling of lips. The allergies are various and may vary from person to person, but getting a medical check for the same is utmost important of you face regular problems of these kinds. Allergies may be common or rare, viral or bacterial. Getting known and avoiding the cause in the only solution in case of allergic effects on the lips.

4. Cold sores are again a very common lip problem symptom and are by and large a sign of a undermined immune system. They also occur in case of the invasion of the herpes virus which most commonly starts acting on mouth areas specially lips. This virus is not just contagious but very rigid too. Boosting immune system in order to weaken the effects of this virus can help reduce the problem, otherwise, it is painful as well as odd looking which might irritate and adversely affect the victim time and again.

5. Cracking of lips is another very common lip problem. The causes may be numerous including anaemia, i.e. the iron deficiency in the body. Also, irregular blood sugar/ glucose levels in the body can be the major problems for which cracking of lips might just be a symptom. Diabetes encourages the growth of candida which attacks the thin layer of the lip skin leading to cracking. Vitamin B deficiencies can also be a reason of lip cracking.

6. Pink lips are the desire of all. But we often see or even experience pale lips or lips with an odd bluish tenor. This can be an indication of oxygen imbalances inside the body which further leads to heart and lung diseases. Anaemic patients are also likely to have pale lips.

7. We often see pale, dusky or blue lips especially in weaker or medically unwell people. If in children, this can be a premature caution or symptom of the existence of meningitis or septicaemia in children. Along with this, if there is high temperature, fatigue, breathlessness, feeling of sickness, severe leg pains; medical attendance is must as this may lead to other serious problems.

8. Red aura around the lips is a very common lip problem that is experienced. It is a further symptom of an allergy particularly in the case of a high utilization of sodas or carbonated drinks or an allergy to the benzoic acid content especially present in toothpaste.

9. Swollen lips can be a prominent marker of ill health. They indicate even towards Crohn’s disease (the bowel disease) or even some food allergy/ sensitivity.

10. Scaly, crusted lips are also known as lick eczema. The lips are already devoid of the sebaceous glands and are more prone to dryness thereafter. The dryness might cultivate the urge of licking the lips in children as well as some adults. This eradicates the already less oils and moisture leading to defenceless dryness, chapping and other infections. Off-putting the lip licking habit becomes most important. Applying a waxy balm or a petroleum jelly might control the urge of licking the lip.

Lips are extremely beautiful and delicate. m\taking an extra step for their care is worth it as it is one of the most prominent features that add up to your persona in the most effective ways. Keeping them hydrated, enough intake of water, healthy sleep cycles, lubrication, trusted lip products, personal hygiene, good eating habits and less or no smoking and boozing can help you attain those desirable and full lips that you have always dreamt of.

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