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10 last minute DIY costume ideas

Here are some of my favorite last minute DIY Halloween costume ideas:

1. Monica Lewinsky – Wear ‘work appropriate’ attire (or a blue dress), bright red lipstick and carry around a bottle of Spray & Wash.

2. Photographer – Try wearing a brownish-colored vest over a white top, khaki pants or shorts, brown hiking shoes or boots, a photographer’s badge around your neck, put a pencil or pen through a loose, messy updo and carry your camera over your shoulder or around your neck.

3. Drunken Paula Abdul – Dress rocker style with big hair, tall heels and a bottle of any liquor in your hand. Wear a big skull ring on one of your finger’s if you have one.

4. A one night stand – Don a pair of boxer’s, an oversized button down shirt, a pair of high heels, a sparkly clutch and your panties hanging out of your purse.

5. Gold digger – Wear a bunch of fake gold jewelry, a gold dress/shirt/skirt if you’ve got one, gold glitter and purchase a plastic shovel at your local grocery or convenience store.

6. ‘The Biggest Loser’ physical fitness trainer – Wear your workout clothes, create a makeshift ‘The Biggest Loser’ badge or sticker, and carry around measuring tape. While this costume may seem a little too obvious or cliché, it is an easy solution to a last minute costume dilemma.

7. Something political – Take one of your favorite political catchphrases, politicians, policy issues or CNN or Fox News analysts and form a creative costume idea from these politically inspiring options. Nancy Pelosi, Anderson Cooper, the healthcare bill, and Al Gore are a few options.

8. Tennis player – this seems fairly self-explanatory.

9. Ugly Betty – Wear a polka dot skirt or dress, throw a multi-colored vest over it and don’t forget to wear your glasses. This costume is easy, because you can throw on any random combination of prints, solids and textiles.

10. Cast of ‘High School Musical’ – Go wild and let your inner teenybopper, high school thespian roam free!

Happy Halloween!  Have fun and be safe.


  • James 5 years ago

    Megan: VERY funny, timely and terrific information!
    I may try the "One-night stand" recommendation, but not so sure how I'll look at the church Fall festival with panties hanging out of my purse!

    Great stuff ~ James, Houston's Workplace Examiner

  • Jami colorado Springs sex & relationships 5 years ago

    I love it!