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10 Job Search Pitfalls: #4 Is a No-Brainer!

“If we don’t succeed, we run the risk of failure.” ~Dan Quayle
“If we don’t succeed, we run the risk of failure.” ~Dan Quayle
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You thought Employers would be knocking down your door to hire you. Or at least that they’d be receptive to you knocking down their doors. Either way, it’s not happening, right?

As much as you’re aware that the job search has evolved and you’ve adapted accordingly, imperceptible obstacles may nonetheless impede your employment success.

The strength or weakness of your personal Brand is revealed during a job search. If you don’t proactively define and cultivate your Brand for yourself, it will surely be defined for you - especially during a job search. You must cautiously guard the relevant components of your Brand, which include:

  • Written communications
  • Visual appearance
  • Verbal presentation

Inasmuch as today’s job search has evolved into a marketing campaign of promoting oneself to Employers, it's important to consider that how you communicate affects your Brand, that is, how you are seen and defined by others. Your Brand, after all, speaks to your professionalism (or lack thereof) and will either fortify or derail your credibility. Just like major companies and commercial products, building and protecting your Brand is paramount.

It’s no stretch of the imagination to recognize that Employers have the luxury of choosing from a crowded pool of qualified's a Buyer's market, after all! In today’s environment Employers are able to be very picky, very choosy. They don’t have to settle for average, and they know that. You need to know that too. Click through the slideshow at the top of the article to identify the job search pitfalls that could sabotage your efforts!

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